Seville Feria de Abril 2016

Seville Feria de Abril or just Seville is certainly one of the embarking highlights of cultural agenda of not only the city of Spain but also of the entire country. This festival is the perfect time to be in Andalucía; so take advantage and experience this beautiful event for yourself!

The fair officially begins on Monday midnight and runs six days to come to a halt on Sunday. Each day of the event marks the beginning of parade carriages and riders at midday carting Seville’s citizens to the bullring where the bullfighters and breeders meet.

History of Seville Feria de Abril

The history of this fair dates back to 1847 when it was organized at Prado de San Sebastian as a livestock fair by Basque Jose’ Mari’a Ybarra and Narciso Bonaplata of Northern Spain after prior permission from Queen Isabel II.

Sevillians soon became aware of the fair to participate in the larger-than-life event. Eventually, the stalls of livestock vanished and the festival switched to an occasion of eat, drink, dance and picnic time.

When and Where is Seville Feria de Abril

Two weeks after the event of Semana Santa come to halt, the atmosphere of Spain tops with colors, music and cheerfulness Seville Feria de Abril. The dates of celebrating this fest are not fixed though one can be certain that it will be observed between first week of April and the starting of May.

Seville Feria de Abril is an ode to the arrival of spring while parallel fairs are held throughout the county during the initial days of the blooming season.

Significance and Expectations from Seville Feria de Abril 2016

During the celebration of this festival, the fairground of Seville is lit up with 22,000 bulbs. Anew gate is designed and crafted each year to mark the new beginning of dance, music and joy of Sevillian culture the best of which is the bullfight season.

The towering gate welcomes visitors as well as 1000 striped tents lined across the streets that form an important part of the tradition of Seville Feria de Abril. Women are clad in bright polka dots flamenco dress and men adorn traditional farm-workers clothes to complete the ambience with a unique tradition that Sevillians are proud to showcase.

Unlike any other festival, Seville Feria de Abril chooses to come to a halt with a bang as fireworks launch into the sky and the entire city of Seville is laid under the blanket of sky fireworks.

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