Series 66 Test

What is SERIES 66 Test?

The Series 66 Test or “The Uniform Combined State Law Examination” is administered to qualify individual as “Securities Agents” and “Investment Adviser Representatives”. The successful completion of the Series 66 test is equivalent to that of a Series 63 and Series 65 test.

The test consists of 100 questions and an additional of 10 preset questions. These are multiple choice based, and are expected to be completed within 2 1/2 hours time. The score required to pass the SERIES 66 test is 75%. The SERIES 66 Test is a closed book test.


Anyone can apply for the SERIES 66 test as it doesn't restrain itself just to a certain group of people.


There aren't any requirements or prerequisites need for an individual to take the test. Just the need to fill out the U-10 form online is required.


To prepare for the Series 66 test a candidate can view a number of sites that contain materials and outlines that will be helpful to them. Various books related to the test are available to the candidates and can provide useful insights on how to deal with the SERIES 66 test.

As far as the test is concerned it shouldn't be taken lightly and its preparations need to begin at the earliest.


To apply for the SERIES 66 Test the candidates needs to fill out the U-10 form online at the respective site.


Scheduling a Series 66 test for a candidate can be easily done as the date and locality is chosen by him/her through centers such as the Pearson Professional Center and Sylvan Prometric Testing Centers.


Once the test is completed the scores are then processed by the headquarters and then they are finally given to the candidates sponsor.

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