Series 65 Test

What is SERIES 65 Test?

The Series 65 Test or “The Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam” is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This exam tends to qualify the candidates as “Investment Adviser Representatives”.

The test consists of 130 questions and an additional 10 preset questions all of which are multiple choice based. Candidates are given 3 hours for the completion of this exam. The score required to pass the SERIES 65 test is 72%.


Anyone can apply for the SERIES 65 test as it doesn't restrain itself just to few people. For those who have the interest in Finance and the stock market and intend to become an investment adviser the SERIES 65 test is open to them.


There aren't any requirements or prerequisites need for an individual to take the test. Just the need to fill out the U-10 form online is required.


To prepare for the Series 65 test a number of sites have materials and data that can be helpful to the candidates. Even various books related to the test are available to provide an insight on how to deal with the questions and which specific sections need to be covered to the maximum. The test shouldn't be taken lightly and preparations need to begin as early as possible.


To apply for the SERIES 65 Test one needs to fill out the U-10 form online and submit it


To schedule a test a candidate can apply for it based on the date and locality best suited to him and provided by the Pearson Professional Center and Sylvan Prometric Testing Centers.


The SERIES 65 Test is conducted as a closed book test which mean at the end of the exam the scores are immediately tallied and given to the candidate then and there itself.

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