Series 3 Test

What is SERIES 3 Test?

Series 3 Test or also know as “The Futures and Commodities Exam” is required to be taken by any individual aspiring to work in the stock market industry. Once the candidate acquires the pass certificate he/ she is qualified to sell commodities. It is administered by the “Financial Industry Regulatory Authority”.

The SERIES 3 Exam contain 10 categories in it which is broken down and placed in two sections, “Market Knowledge” and “Rules and Regulations” namely. In order to pass the exam the candidate needs to score a minimum of 70% in both the sections.

The questions asked in the examination are multiple choice based and a set of true and false type questions are asked as well, the time limit for the test is 2 ½ hours.


There isn't any eligibility factor to restrict people from taking the test.


The only requirement is a copy of the U-10 form which can be downloaded from the site itself.


Study guides and materials related to the course can be found online easily. Intense studying is required for the SERIES 3 exam. Updates on latests books and Cd's related to the subject is very important for the candidate, since they can be aware of the new additions put up for the test as well. Apart from these certain training courses can be very helpful to the candidates. Having a copy of the SERIES 3 course manual can be a huge advantage to the candidate.


Applying for the SERIES 3 Test is as easy as possible. The candidate needs to fill the form online at the NFA site and submit it once he/she is logged in. Email id's are also provided to mail in if any doubts related to the Exam and the applying process does occur.


The scheduling for the SERIES 3 test can be done by “Prometric” calender. This helps to select a date and locality best suited to the candidates and made easy for them.


The results are mailed back to the candidates or to the center that they have approached to.

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