September 5 Birthdays :168 Famous People Birthdays on 5 September

James Jesse Strang Birthday (September 5th)

James Jesse Strang was the man who owes his place in the history for the works done in the field in saint movement during the 1844 succession crisis.H served as the crowned king of the ecclesiastical monarchy that existed for six years within the Michigan state of United States. Strang was born on ....

Jesse James Birthday (September 5th)

Jesse James Birth Details Jesse Woodson James was born on September 5, 1847 in Clay County, Missouri. Importance Jesse James was an American criminal in and a prominent member of the James-Younger Gang. He has turned out to be a legendary figure of the Wild West after his death. He used to con....

September 5 Birthday Wishes

September 5 Birthday Wishes

Keep working hard‚ but not TOO hard or you’ll make yourself sick! Happy Birthday!

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

September 5Birthday Quotes

'Even when I was a kid‚ I had a good thing with kids. To this day‚ if I go to a birthday party with one of my kids‚ I swear to you‚ I am so much happier hanging out with my kids and their friends than talking to the grown-ups.'

Shawn Levy

'I’m not a big birthday guy; I never have been.'

Lewis Black

People Born on September 5

Year Name
973 Abu Rayhan Biruni Khwarezmi-born Persian polymath (d. 1048)
1567 Date Masamune Japanese Samurai and Daimyo (d. 1636)
1568 Tommaso Campanella Italian theologian‚ philosopher‚ and poet (d. 1639)
1621 Juan Andres Coloma Spanish noble (d. 1694)
1667 Giovanni Gerolamo Saccheri Italian mathematician (d. 1733)
1695 Carl Gustaf Tessin Swedish politician (d. 1770)
1722 Frederick Christian Elector of Saxony (d. 1763)
1725 Jean-etienne Montucla French mathematician (d. 1799)
1735 Johann Christian Bach German composer (d. 1782)
1750 Robert Fergusson Scottish poet (d. 1774)
1771 Archduke Charles of Austria Austrian general (d. 1847)
1774 Caspar David Friedrich German artist (d. 1840)
1775 Juan Martin Diez Spanish guerrilla (d. 1825)
1787 Francois Sulpice Beudant French mineralogist and geologist (d. 1850)
1791 Giacomo Meyerbeer German composer (d. 1864)
1792 Pierre-Armand Dufrenoy French geologist and mineralogist (d. 1857)
1806 Christophe Leon Louis Juchault de Lamorici?re French general (d. 1865)
1807 Richard Chenevix Trench Irish Anglican clergyman and philologist (d. 1886)
1809 Manuel Montt Torres Chilean politician (d. 1880)
1826 John Wisden England cricketer (d. 1884)
1827 Goffredo Mameli Italian poet and writer (d. 1849)
1836 Justiniano Borgono President of Peru (d. 1921)
1847 Jesse James American outlaw (d. 1882)
1850 Jack Daniel Creator of Jack Daniel's (d. 1911)
1857 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Russian rocket scientist and inventor (d. 1935)
1867 Amy Beach American composer and pianist (d. 1944)
1874 Nap Lajoie American baseball player (d. 1959)
1876 Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb German field marshal (d. 1956)
1876 Abdelaziz Th?albi Tunisian politician. (d. 1944)
1881 Otto Bauer Austrian politician (d. 1938)
1888 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan second President of India (d. 1975)
1892 Joseph Szigeti Hungarian violinist (d. 1973)
1897 Ella Schuler American supercentenarian
1901 Mario Scelba Italian politician (d. 1991)
1902 Darryl F. Zanuck American film producer and executive (d. 1979)
1905 Arthur Koestler Hungarian writer (d. 1983)
1905 Maurice Challe French general (d. 1979)
1905 Justiniano Montano Filipino politician (d. 2005)
1908 Gloria Holden British actress (d. 1991)
1909 Archie Jackson Australian cricketer (d. 1933)
1910 Phiroze Palia Indian cricketer (d. 1981)
1910 Leila Mackinlay British romance writer.
1912 John Cage American composer (d. 1992)
1912 Kristina Soderbaum German actress and photographer (d. 2001)
1912 Frank Thomas American animator (d. 2004)
1914 Nicanor Parra Chilean poet and mathematician
1916 Frank Yerby American novelist (d. 1991)
1916 Frank Shuster Canadian comedian (Wayne and Shuster) (d. 2002)
1917 Soren Nordin Swedish harness racing driver and trainer (d. 2008)
1918 Luis Alcoriza Mexican screenwriter‚ film director‚ and actor (d. 1992)
1919 Elisabeth Volkenrath Polish-born German Nazi concentration camp supervisor (d. 1945)
1921 Jack Valenti American political advisor and film executive (d. 2007)
1923 Ken Meuleman Australian cricketer (d. 2004)
1924 Paul Dietzel American college football coach
1927 Paul Volcker American economist
1929 Bob Newhart American actor and comedian
1929 Andrian Nikolayev Soviet cosmonaut (d. 2004)
1933 Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa Chilien Catholic archbishop
1934 Carol Lawrence American actress and singer
1935 Johnny Briggs English actor
1935 Paul Josef Cordes German Roman Catholic Cardinal
1936 Jonathan Kozol American writer‚ sociologist
1936 Bill Mazeroski American baseball player
1936 John Danforth American politician
1937 Antonio Valentin Angelillo Argentinian footballer
1937 Colin Wesley South African cricketer
1937 William Devane American actor
1937 Waldemar Smolarek Canadian Artist
1939 Claudette Colvin American civil rights movement leader (Montgomery Bus Boycott)
1939 John Stewart American musician (The Kingston Trio) (d. 2008)
1939 George Lazenby Australian actor
1939 Clay Regazzoni Swiss racing driver (d. 2006)
1940 Raquel Welch American actress
1942 Werner Herzog German film director
1942 Eduardo Mata Mexican conductor and composer (d. 1995)
1942 Denise Fabre French television presenter
1943 Dulce Saguisag Filipino politician and former DSWD Secretary. (d. 2007)
1944 Dario Bellezza Italian poet‚ author and playwright (d. 1996)
1945 Al Stewart Scottish singer and songwriter
1946 Freddie Mercury Zanzibar-born English singer and songwriter (Queen) (d. 1991)
1946 Dennis Dugan American actor and film director
1946 Loudon Wainwright III American singer and composer
1947 Buddy Miles American musician (d. 2008)
1947 Bruce Yardley Australian cricketer
1948 Benita Ferrero-Waldner Austrian diplomat and politician
1950 Cathy Guisewite American cartoonist
1950 Paul William Roberts Canadian writer
1951 Paul Breitner German footballer
1951 Patti McGuire American model and television producer
1951 Michael Keaton American actor
1954 Frederick Kempe American author‚ journalist‚ and executive
1954 Richard Austin West Indian cricketer
1956 Roine Stolt Swedish guitarist (The Flower Kings)
1957 Peter Winnen Dutch bicycle road athlete
1961 Marc-Andre Hamelin Canadian pianist
1962 Peter Wingfield Welsh actor
1963 Juan Alderete American bassist (Racer X)
1963 Jeff Brantley American baseball player
1963 Jonathan Phillips English actor
1963 Taki Inoue Japanese racing driver
1963 Kristian Alfonso American actress
1964 Frank Farina Australian footballer
1964 Ken Norman American basketball player
1964 Amanda Ooms Swedish actress
1965 Chris Morris English satirist
1965 David Brabham Australian racing driver
1965 Chris Gore American filmmaker
1965 Cesar Rincn Colombian matador
1966 Achero Manas Spanish actor and film director
1966 Milinko Panti? Serbian footballer
1967 India Hicks English model
1967 Jane Sixsmith English field hockey player
1968 Dennis Scott American basketball player
1968 Brad Wilk American musician
1969 Leonardo Nascimento de Araujo Brazilian footballer
1969 Mark Ramprakash English cricketer
1969 Dweezil Zappa American musician
1970 Kim Hye-su South Korean actress and model
1970 Liam Lynch American musician (Sifl and Olly)
1970 Mohammad Rafique Bangladeshi cricketer
1971 Adam Hollioake England cricketer
1972 Shane Sewell Canadian professional wrestler
1972 Guy Whittall Zimbabwean cricketer
1973 Rose McGowan Italian-born actress
1973 Alexandra Kerry daughter of American Senator John Kerry
1973 Paddy Considine English actor
1974 Rawl Lewis West Indian cricketer
1975 Rod Barajas American baseball player
1975 George Boateng Dutch footballer
1975 Matt Geyer Australian rugby league footballer
1975 Jamie Spaniolo American horrorcore rapper
1976 Tatyana Gutsu Ukrainian gymnast
1976 Carice van Houten Dutch actress
1976 Richard Marsland Australian comedian/writer and radio personality
1977 Rosevelt Colvin American football player
1977 Joseba Etxeberria Spanish football winger
1977 Minoru Fujita Japanese professional wrestler
1977 Alexey Harkov Russian bassist
1977 Nazr Mohammed American Basketball player
1978 Laura Bertram Canadian actress
1978 Chris Jack New Zealand rugby union footballer
1978 Zhang Zhong Chinese chess player
1978 Sylvester Joseph West Indian cricketer
1978 Yu Nan Chinese actress
1979 John Carew Norwegian footballer
1979 Stacey Dales Canadian basketball player and sportscaster
1979 George O'Callaghan Irish footballer
1979 Stewart Holden English scrabble player
1980 Franco Costanzo Argentinian football goalkeeper
1981 AnnMarie American pornographic actress
1981 Nina Eichinger German actress
1981 Filippo Volandri Italian tennis player
1982 Alexandre Geijo Spanish/Swiss footballer
1982 Sondre Lerche Norwegian musician
1983 Eugen Bopp Ukrainian-German footballer
1983 Pablo Granoche Uruguayan footballer
1983 Xavier Susai Australian comedian
1983 Antony Sweeney Hartlepool United footballer
1984 Chris Anker Sorensen Danish professional road bicycle racer
1985 Ryan Guy American soccer player
1986 Colt McCoy American football player
1986 Pragyan Ojha Indian cricketer
1987 Silvestre Rasuk American actor
1988 Nuri ?ahin Turkish footballer
1989 Ben Youngs English rugby union Scrum-Half
1990 Kim Yu-Na Korean figure skater
1991 Skandar Keynes English actor
1993 Gage Golightly American actress