September 26 Birthdays :176 Famous People Birthdays on 26 September

George Gershwin Birthday (September 26th)

George Gershwin was American composer, who was born on 26th September, 1898. He wrote large number of the theatrical and the vocal works in the teamwork with his senior brother, Ira Gershwin, who was the lyricist. He composed songs for the classical and the Broadway concert hall. He also wrote ....

September 26 Birthday Wishes

September 26 Birthday Wishes

I wish you the happiest birthday ever and i hope you spend it with your family and friends! :)

Wishing you health‚ love‚ wealth‚ happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy Birthday.

September 26Birthday Quotes

'I filed a brief as a friend of the court in the U. of Michigan to keep affirmative action at the U. of Michigan‚ which I attended the law school. And I was one of the original sponsors of making the Martin Luther King birthday a federal holiday.'

Dick Gephardt

'The best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once.'

E. Joseph Cossman

People Born on September 26

Year Name
1406 Thomas de Ros 9th Baron de Ros‚ English soldier and politician (d. 1430)
1711 Richard Grenville-Temple 2nd Earl Temple‚ English politician (d. 1779)
1750 Cuthbert Collingwood 1st Baron Collingwood‚ British admiral (d. 1810)
1758 Cosme Argerich Argentine physician (d. 1820)
1767 Wenzel Mller Austrian composer and conductor (d. 1835)
1774 Johnny Appleseed American environmentalist (d. 1845)
1791 Theodore Gericault French painter (d. 1824)
1820 Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Bengali scholar (d. 1891)
1840 Louis-Olivier Taillon French Canadian politician (d. 1923)
1865 Mary Russell Duchess of Bedford‚ English pilot and ornithologist (d. 1937)
1867 Winsor McCay American animatior (d. 1934)
1869 Komitas Armenian composer (d. 1935)
1873 Waclaw Berent Polish novelist and translator (d. 1940)
1873 Aleksey Shchusev Russian architect (d. 1949)
1874 Lewis Hine American photographer and activist (d. 1940)
1875 Edmund Gwenn Welsh actor (d. 1959)
1876 Ghulam Bhik Nairang Indian poet and Muslim nationalist (d. 1952)
1876 Edith Abbott American social worker and author (d. 1957)
1877 Ugo Cerletti Italian neurologist (d. 1963)
1877 Alfred Cortot Swiss pianist (d. 1962)
1881 Hiram Wesley Evans American Ku Klux Klan figure (d. 1966)
1884 J. P. Bickell Canadian businessman and sports team owner (d. 1951)
1886 Archibald Vivian Hill English physiologist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1977)
1887 Edwin Keppel Bennett English writer (d. 1958)
1887 Antonio Moreno Spanish actor (d. 1967)
1887 Sir Barnes Wallis English scientist and inventor (d. 1979)
1888 J. Frank Dobie American folklorist and newspaper columnist (d. 1964)
1888 T. S. Eliot American-born British writer and poet‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1965)
1889 Martin Heidegger German philosopher (d. 1976)
1891 Charles Mnch French conductor and violinist (d. 1968)
1893 Gladys Brockwell American actress (d. 1929)
1895 George Raft American actor (d. 1980)
1895 Jrgen Stroop German Nazi SS officer (d. 1952)
1897 Arthur Rhys Davids English pilot (d. 1917)
1898 George Gershwin American composer (d. 1937)
1905 Emilio Navarro Puerto Rican baseball player
1907 Anthony Blunt English art historian and Soviet spy (d. 1983)
1907 Bep van Klaveren Dutch boxer (d. 1992)
1909 Bill France‚ Sr. American car racing executive (d. 1992)
1911 Al Helfer American radio sportscaster (d. 1975)
1913 Frank Brimsek American ice hockey player (d. 1998)
1914 Jack LaLanne American fitness and nutritional expert (d. 2011)
1914 Achille Compagnoni Italian mountaineer (d. 2009)
1917 Real Caouette French Canadian politician (d. 1976)
1919 Barbara Britton American actress (d. 1980)
1919 Matilde Camus Spanish poet and researcher
1922 Takis Miliadis Greek actor (d. 1985)
1922 Nicholas Romanov Prince of Russia‚ French-born pretender to the Russian throne
1923 Dev Anand Indian actor and film producer
1925 Norm Dussault American ice hockey player
1925 Marty Robbins American singer (d. 1982)
1926 Julie London American singer and actress (d. 2000)
1926 Manfred Mayrhofer Austrian philologist
1927 Robert Blackburn Irish educationist (d. 1990)
1927 Robert Cade American physician and beverage inventor (d. 2007)
1927 Patrick O'Neal American actor (d. 1994)
1927 Enzo Bearzot Italian football player and manager (d. 2010)
1928 Bob Van der Veken Belgian actor
1930 Fritz Wunderlich German tenor (d. 1966)
1930 Joe Brown English mountaineer
1932 Richard Herd American actor
1932 Dr. Manmohan Singh Indian politician
1932 Vladimir Voinovich Russian writer and dissident
1933 Donna Douglas American actress
1935 Joe Sherlock Irish politician (d. 2007)
1936 Winnie Mandela South African anti-apartheid activist
1937 Valentin Pavlov Soviet politician (d. 2003)
1937 Jerry Weintraub American film producer
1938 Lars Jacob Krogh Norwegian journalist (d. 2010)
1939 Ricky Tomlinson English actor
1941 Salvatore Accardo Italian violinist and conductor
1941 Martine Beswick English actress and model
1942 Kent McCord American actor
1943 Ian Chappell Australian cricketer and broadcaster
1943 Tim Schenken Australian racing driver
1944 Anne Robinson English television host
1945 Louise Beaudoin French-Canadian politician
1945 Gal Costa Brazilian singer
1945 Bryan Ferry English singer (Roxy Music)
1946 Andrea Dworkin American feminist (d. 2005)
1946 Togo Igawa Japanese actor
1946 Christine Todd Whitman American politician
1946 Radha Krishna Mainali Nepalese politician
1946 Louise Simonson American comic book writer and editor
1947 Lynn Anderson American country music singer
1947 Philippe Lavil French singer
1948 Olivia Newton-John English-born Australian singer and actress
1949 Clodoaldo Brazilian football player
1949 Jane Smiley American novelist
1949 Marie Tifo Canadian actress
1949 Minette Walters English novelist
1951 Stuart Tosh Scottish musician
1952 Predrag Miletic Serbian actor
1953 Joe Benigno American radio personality
1953 Dolores Keane Irish folk singer
1954 Kevin Kennedy American baseball manager
1955 Carlene Carter American singer
1956 Steve Butler American racing driver
1956 Linda Hamilton American actress
1958 Richard B. Weldon Jr. American politician
1958 Robert Kagan American historian
1958 Darby Crash American singer (The Germs) (d. 1980)
1959 Rich Gedman American baseball player
1961 Charlotte Fich Danish actress
1961 Cindy Herron American singer (En Vogue)
1961 Will Self English author
1962 Mark Haddon English author
1962 Melissa Sue Anderson American actress
1962 Peter Foster Australian con artist
1962 Al Pitrelli American guitarist (Megadeth)
1963 Lysette Anthony English actress
1963 Joe_Nemechek American NASCAR driver
1964 Nicki French English singer
1964 Dave Martinez American baseball player
1964 John Tempesta American drummer
1965 Alexandra Lencastre Portuguese actress
1966 Jillian Barberie Canadian actress and television hostess
1966 Christos Dantis Greek composer and singer
1966 Craig Heyward American football player (d. 2006)
1967 Shannon Hoon American singer (Blind Melon) (d. 1995)
1967 Kara Saun American designer
1968 James Caviezel American actor
1968 Ben Shenkman American actor
1969 Anthony Kavanagh French-Canadian comedian‚ actor and singer
1969 Andy Petterson Australian footballer
1969 Paul Warhurst English footballer
1969 David Ferguson British murderer
1970 Sheri Moon Zombie American actress
1972 Ras Kass American rapper
1972 Melanie Paxson American actress
1972 Shawn Stockman American singer (Boyz II Men)
1973 Marty Casey American singer (Lovehammers)
1973 Chris Small Scottish snooker player
1973 Olga Vasdeki Greek triple jumper
1974 Boris Cepeda German-Ecuadorian pianist and diplomat
1974 Gary Hall Jr. American swimmer
1974 Martin Mrsepp Estonian basketball player
1975 Emma Hardelin Swedish singer
1975 Jake Paltrow American film director
1976 Michael Ballack German footballer
1976 Tyler Denk American model and reality show contestant
1976 Sami Vanska Finnish bassist (Nightwish)
1977 Kaylynn American porn star
1977 Andre Hunger German artist and designer
1978 Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot Kenyan long-distance runner
1979 Jon Harley English footballer
1979 Fuifui Moimoi New Zealand rugby league footballer
1979 Jaycie Phelps American gymnast
1979 Jacob Tierney Canadian actor
1979 Naomichi Marufuji Japanese professional wrestler
1980 Jane Darling Czech porn model/actress
1980 Patrick Friesacher Austrian race car driver
1980 Brooks Orpik American ice hockey player
1980 Daniel Sedin Swedish ice hockey player
1980 Henrik Sedin Swedish ice hockey player
1981 Collien Fernandes German TV host and actress
1981 Christina Milian American actress and singer
1981 Serena Williams American tennis player
1981 Aras Baskauskas American reality show contestant
1982 Rob Burrow English rugby player
1982 Simon Picone Italian rugby player
1982 Miguel Alfredo Portillo Argentine footballer
1982 Jon Richardson British comedian
1983 Samantha Hammel American record producer and actress
1983 D'Qwell Jackson American football player
1983 Archimede Morleo Italian footballer
1983 Ricardo Quaresma Portuguese footballer
1984 Thore Scholermann German actor
1985 Lenna Kuurmaa Estonian singer (Vanilla Ninja)
1985 Talulah Riley English actress
1986 Ashley Leggat Canadian actress
1987 Rosie Munter Swedish singer (Play)
1988 Kiira Korpi Finnish figure skater
1988 Marina Kuroki Japanese actress
1988 Mark Simpson English clarinetist and composer
1989 Emma Rigby English actress