September 21 Birthdays :172 Famous People Birthdays on 21 September

Faith Hill Birthday (September 21st)

Faith Hill, an American singer was born in Ridgeland, Mississippi near Jackson, Mississippi. She is famous for her viable achievement on both state and pop melody charts. She was born on 21st September 1967 in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Faith Hill Early Life Faith Hill was adopted as a new born. Sh....

Stephen Edwin King Biography

Childhood of Stephen Edwin King Born in the year 1947, Stephen Edwin King was the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. His birthplace was Poland, Main. His parents lived separately when Stephen was a kid. He and his older brother, David, were brought up by his mother. Education....

September 21 Birthday Wishes

September 21 Birthday Wishes

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend like you‚ then you have truly been lucky. I count myself as lucky. Happy Birthday.

Wishing a very special person a very special day. Happy Birthday.

September 21Birthday Quotes

'An army environment is very protected‚ a walled city kind of environment‚ where everybody has the same income‚ you have the same birthday parties‚ you are given return gifts - everything is the same. Everybody is moving up at the same pace.'

Nimrat Kaur

'If you can give your child only one gift‚ let it be enthusiasm.'

Bruce Barton

People Born on September 21

Year Name
1051 Bertha of Savoy German queen and Holy Roman Empire Empress (d. 1087)
1411 Richard Plantagenet 3rd Duke of York‚ claimant to the English throne (d. 1460)
1415 Frederick III Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1493)
1452 Girolamo Savonarola Dominican priest and ruler of Florence (d. 1498)
1559 Cigoli Florentine painter‚ architect‚ and sculptor (d. 1613)
1629 Philip Howard English Catholic cardinal (d. 1694)
1645 Louis Joliet Canadian explorer (d. 1700)
1706 Polyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg queen of Sardinia (d. 1735)
1756 John MacAdam Scottish engineer and road-builder (d. 1836)
1758 Christopher Gore 8th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1827)
1760 Ivan Dmitriev Russian statesman (d. 1837)
1840 Murad V Ottoman Sultan (d. 1904)
1842 Abd-ul-Hamid II Ottoman Sultan (d. 1918)
1849 Maurice Barrymore Indian-born patriarch of the Barrymore family (d. 1905)
1853 Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Dutch physicist
1859 Francesc Maci? i Lluss Catalan politician (d. 1933)
1860 Wilson Kettle Canadian centenarian (d. 1963)
1862 James E. Talmage American religious figure and author (d. 1933)
1863 John Bunny American film comedian (d. 1915)
1866 H. G. Wells English writer (d. 1946)
1866 Charles Nicolle French bacteriologist
1873 Papa Jack Laine American musician (d. 1966)
1874 Gustav Holst English composer (d. 1934)
1890 Max Immelmann German WWI fighter pilot (d. 1916)
1890 Charles William Train English recipient of the Victoria Cross (d. 1965)
1895 Sergei Yesenin Russian poet (d. 1925)
1896 Walter Breuning American supercentenarian
1899 Frederick Coutts the 8th General of The Salvation Army (d. 1986)
1902 Luis Cernuda Spanish poet (d. 1963)
1902 Sir Allen Lane British book publisher (d. 1970)
1903 Preston Tucker American automobile designer (d. 1956)
1905 Robert Lebel French Canadian ice hockey executive (d. 1999)
1906 Henry Beachell American plant breeder (d. 2006)
1909 Kwame Nkrumah Ghanaian statesman (d. 1972)
1912 Chuck Jones American animator (d. 2002)
1912 Gyorgy Sandor Hungarian pianist (d. 2005)
1916 Francoise Giroud French journalist and politician (d. 2003)
1917 Phyllis Nicolson British mathematician (d. 1968)
1918 John Gofman American Manhattan Project scientist and advocate (d. 2007)
1918 Karl Slover German-born American actor
1919 Mario Bunge Argentine philosopher and physicist
1919 Fazlur Rahman Pakistani scholar (d. 1988)
1921 John McHale American baseball player and executive (d. 2008)
1924 Hermann Buhl Austrian mountaineer (d. 1957)
1926 Donald A. Glaser American physicist
1926 Noor Jehan Pakistani singer and actress (d. 2000)
1929 Sandor Kocsis Hungarian footballer (d. 1979)
1929 Bernard Williams English philosopher (d. 2003)
1931 Larry Hagman American actor
1933 Dick Simon American racing driver
1934 Leonard Cohen Canadian singer and songwriter
1935 Jimmy Armfield English footballer and manager
1935 Henry Gibson American actor (d. 2009)
1936 Dickey Lee American singer and songwriter
1936 Yuriy Luzhkov Russian politician
1936 Diane Rehm American radio talk show host
1937 John D'Amico Canadian NHL official (d. 2005)
1938 Doug Moe American basketball player and coach
1939 Rory Storm English musician
1940 Hermann Knoflacher Austrian civil engineer
1940 Bill Kurtis American television journalist
1941 Jack Brisco American professional wrestler
1941 R. James Woolsey‚ Jr. American Central Intelligence Agency director
1944 Fannie Flagg American actress and novelist
1944 Hamilton Jordan American chief of staff for Jimmy Carter (d. 2008)
1944 Steve Beshear American politician
1945 Jerry Bruckheimer American film and television producer
1945 Richard Childress American NASCAR team owner
1945 Shaw Clifton the 18th General of The Salvation Army
1946 Moritz Leuenberger Swiss jurist
1947 Stephen King American author
1947 Marsha Norman American playwright
1947 Don Felder American guitarist (Eagles)
1949 Artis Gilmore American basketball player
1950 Charles Clarke British politician
1950 Bill Murray American comedian and actor
1951 Bruce Arena American soccer coach
1951 Aslan Maskhadov Chechen rebel leader (d. 2005)
1952 Dave Gregory English guitar and keyboard player (XTC)
1952 Anneliese Michel German exorcism victim (d. 1976)
1953 Arie Luyendyk Dutch race car driver
1954 Shinzo Abe Japanese politician
1954 "Phil ""Philthy Animal"" Taylor" British musician (Motorhead)
1955 Francois Cluzet French actor
1955 Richard Hieb American astronaut
1955 Mika Kaurismaki Finnish director
1956 Jack Givens American basketball player
1956 Marta Kauffman American television producer
1956 Ricky Morton American professional wrestler
1957 Ethan Coen American film director
1957 Mark Levin American attorney‚ radio talk show host and author
1957 Sidney Moncrief American basketball player
1957 Kevin Rudd 26th Prime Minister of Australia
1957 Penny Smith English television presenter
1958 Bruno Fitoussi French poker player
1958 Rick Mahorn American basketball player
1959 Dave Coulier American actor
1959 Danny Cox American baseball player
1959 Corinne Drewery British singer (Swing Out Sister)
1960 David James Elliott Canadian actor
1961 Nancy Travis American actress
1962 Rob Morrow American actor
1963 Curtly Ambrose Antiguan West Indies cricketer
1963 Cecil Fielder American baseball player
1963 Angus Macfadyen Scottish actor
1964 Jorge Drexler Uruguayan singer and composer
1965 Frederic Beigbeder French writer and critic
1965 Cheryl Hines American actress
1965 David Wenham Australian actor
1965 Johanna Vuoksenmaa Finnish film director
1967 Glen Benton American musician (Deicide)
1967 Faith Hill American singer
1967 Tyler Stewart Canadian drummer (Barenaked Ladies)
1968 Ricki Lake American actress and talk show hostess
1969 Jason Christiansen American baseball player
1969 Curtis Leschyshyn Canadian ice hockey player
1970 John Cudia American actor
1971 John Crawley English cricketer
1971 Alfonso Ribeiro American actor
1971 Luke Wilson American actor
1972 Olivia Bonamy French actress
1972 Liam Gallagher English singer (Oasis)
1972 Jon Kitna American football player
1972 David Silveria American drummer (Ko?n)
1972 Scott Spiezio American baseball player
1973 Heather Brewer American writer of young adult fiction.
1973 Vanessa Grigoriadis American journalist
1973 Oswaldo Sanchez Mexican footballer
1974 Bryce Drew American basketball player
1974 Taral Hicks American musician
1974 Jana Kandarr German tennis player
1974 Andy Todd English footballer
1975 Doug Davis American baseball player
1976 Jonas Bjerre Danish singer and guitarist (Mew)
1976 Poul Hbertz Danish footballer
1977 Brian Tallet American baseball player
1978 Doug Howlett New Zealand rugby union footballer
1978 Luke Godden Australian rules footballer
1979 Richard Dunne Irish footballer
1979 Chris Gayle Jamaican West Indies cricketer
1979 Julian Gray English footballer
1979 Jaymee Ong Chinese-Australian model
1979 James Allan Scottish singer (Glasvegas)
1980 Robert Hoffman American actor
1980 Kareena Kapoor Indian actress
1980 Nyree Lewis British Paralympic swimmer
1980 Aleksa Palladino American actress
1980 Autumn Reeser American actress
1980 Tomas Scheckter South African racing driver
1981 Nicole Richie American socialite
1981 Rimi Sen Indian actress
1981 Meilinda Soerjoko Indonesian-Australian actress
1982 Eduardo Azevedo Brazilian racing driver
1982 Danny Kass American snowboarder
1982 Marat Izmailov Russian footballer
1982 Parvati Shallow American reality show contestant
1982 Christos Tapoutos Greek footballer
1982 Rowan Vine English footballer
1983 Fernando Cavenaghi Argentinian footballer
1983 Maggie Grace American actress
1983 Joseph Mazzello American actor
1983 Anna Meares Australian cyclist
1984 Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner American swimmer
1985 Maryam Hassouni Dutch actor
1986 Faris Badwan British singer
1987 Jimmy Clausen American football player
1987 Ashley Paris American basketball player
1987 Courtney Paris American basketball player
1988 Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Pakistani politician
1989 Jason Derulo American Pop singer
1990 Christian Serratos American actress‚ model and singer
1990 Allison Scagliotti American actress