September 2 Birthdays :150 Famous People Birthdays on 2 September

MC Chris Birthday (September 2nd)

MC Chris Birth Details Chris Ward was born on September 2, 1975. MC Chris was born in Libertyville, Illinois, U.S. Importance Chris Ward is also known as Mc. Chris. He is a rapper, voice actor, writer, and comedian. MC Chris Early Life MC Chris had joined Art Institute of Chicago, and Tis....

September 2 Birthday Wishes

September 2 Birthday Wishes

Life is a journey. Enjoy every mile. Happy Birthday.

They say sometimes its hard to understand‚ but time tells truth. The truth is that I wish you a very happy birthday.

September 2Birthday Quotes

'If Congress can move President’s Day‚ Columbus Day and‚ alas‚ Martin Luther King’s Birthday celebration for the convenience of shoppers‚ shouldn’t they at least consider moving Election Day for the convenience of voters?'

Andrew Young

'I love having my birthday at Australia Zoo.'

Bindi Irwin

People Born on September 2

Year Name
1661 Georg Bohm German organist (d. 1733)
1675 William Somervile English poet (d. 1742)
1753 Marie Josephine Louise of Savoy queen of France (d. 1810)
1778 Louis Bonaparte King of Holland (d. 1846)
1805 Esteban Echeverria Argentine writer (d. 1851)
1810 William Seymour Tyler American educator and historian (d. 1897)
1830 William P. Frye American politician (d. 1911)
1838 Liliuokalani of Hawaii Queen of Hawaii (d. 1917)
1839 Henry George American economist (d. 1897)
1847 Roger Wolcott 39th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1900)
1850 Albert Spalding baseball player and sporting goods manufacturer (d. 1915)
1850 Woldemar Voigt German physicist (d. 1919)
1852 Paul Bourget French novelist and critic (d. 1935)
1853 Wilhelm Ostwald Baltic German chemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1932)
1854 Hans J?ger Norwegian writer and political activist (d. 1910)
1857 Thomas Groube Australian cricketer (d. 1927)
1862 Franjo Kre?ma Croatian violinist (d. 1881)
1866 Charles Vintcent South African cricketer (d. 1943)
1877 Frederick Soddy British chemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1956)
1878 Ion Dragoumis Greek diplomat‚ writer and revolutionary (d. 1920)
1878 Werner von Blomberg German field marshal (d. 1946)
1879 An Jung-geun Korean assassin of Ito Hirobumi (d. 1910)
1883 Archduchess Elisabeth Marie of Austria The Red Archduchess (d. 1963)
1884 Dr. Frank C. Laubach Christian missionary (d. 1970)
1894 Joseph Roth Austrian novelist (d. 1939)
1901 Andreas Embirikos Greek surrealist poet (d. 1975)
1901 Adolph Rupp American college basketball coach (d. 1977)
1911 Romare Bearden African American painter (d. 1988)
1912 Ernest Bromley Australian cricketer (d. 1967)
1913 Bill Shankly Scotish Football Manager (d. 1981)
1913 Israel Gelfand Russian mathematician (d. 2009)
1914 Tom Glazer American folk singer and songwriter (d. 2003)
1915 Meinhardt Raabe actor‚ notable as Munchkin Coroner on The Wizard of Oz
1915 Benjamin Aaron American labor law expert (d. 2007)
1917 Cleveland Amory American author (d. 1998)
1917 Laurindo Almeida Brazilian guitarist (d. 1995)
1923 Rene Thom French mathematician (d. 2002)
1924 Daniel arap Moi President of Kenya
1925 Hugo Montenegro American composer and bandleader (d. 1981)
1928 Horace Silver American jazz pianist and composer
1929 Hal Ashby American film director (d. 1988)
1931 Clifford Jordan American jazz saxophonist (d. 1993)
1933 Victor Spinetti Welsh actor
1934 Grady Nutt American humorist
1935 D. Wayne Lukas American horse trainer
1936 Andrew Grove American computer chip manufacturer
1937 Peter Ueberroth American sport executive
1937 Derek Fowlds British actor
1937 Len Carlson Canadian voice actor (d. 2006)
1938 Mary Jo Catlett American actress
1938 Clarence Felder American actor
1938 Giuliano Gemma Italian actor
1939 Sam Gooden American singer (The Impressions)
1940 Jimmy Clanton American singer
1941 David Bale South African‚ born activist (d. 2003)
1941 Graeme Langlands Australian rugby league footballer
1941 John Thompson‚ Jr. American college basketball coach
1943 Rosalind Ashford American singer (Martha and the Vandellas)
1943 Glen Sather Canadian ice hockey player and executive
1943 Joe Simon American singer
1946 Billy Preston American musician (d. 2006)
1946 Dan White American assassin (d. 1985)
1946 Luis Avalos Cuban actor
1946 Walt Simonson American comic book artist & writer
1947 Richard Coughlan English drummer and percussionist (Caravan)
1948 Terry Bradshaw American football player
1948 Christa McAuliffe American schoolteacher and astronaut (d. 1986)
1948 Nate Archibald American basketball player
1950 Rosanna DeSoto American actress
1950 Michael Rother German musician
1950 Yuen Wah Chinese actor and stuntman
1951 Jim DeMint American politician
1951 Mark Harmon American actor
1951 Michael Gray American actor
1951 Jon Feltheimer American film executive
1952 Jimmy Connors American tennis player
1953 Ahmad Shah Massoud Afghan commander (d. 2001)
1953 John Zorn American musician
1956 Mario Tremblay Canadian hockey player and coach
1956 Angelo Fusco Provisional Irish Republican Army member
1957 Tony Alva American skateboarder
1958 Olivier Grouillard French racing driver
1959 Guy Laliberte founder of Cirque du Soleil
1960 Kristin Halvorsen Norwegian politician
1960 Rex Hudler baseball player
1960 Eric Dickerson American football player
1960 John S. Hall American poet and spoken-word artist
1960 Hideo Yoshizawa General Manager at Namco Bandai
1961 Carlos Valderrama Colombian footballer
1962 Prachya Pinkaew Thai film director
1962 Eugenio Derbez Mexican comedian and actor
1962 Jon Berkeley author and illustrator
1963 Sam Mitchell basketball player and coach
1964 Keanu Reeves Canadian actor
1965 Lennox Lewis British-born boxer
1965 Partho Sen-Gupta Indian filmmaker
1966 Dino Cazares American musician
1966 Marcello Cuttitta Italian rugby player
1966 Massimo Cuttitta Italian rugby player and coach
1966 Salma Hayek Mexican actress
1966 Olivier Panis French race car driver
1966 Tuc Watkins American actor
1967 Andreas Moller German footballer
1968 Cynthia Watros American actress
1968 Kristen Cloke American actress
1969 "Cedric ""K-Ci"" Hailey" American singer
1969 Stephane Matteau French Canadian ice hockey player
1969 Stephen Peall Zimbabwean cricketer
1971 Kjetil Andre Aamodt Norwegian skier
1971 Pawan Kalyan Indian actor
1971 Cesar Sanchez Spanish footballer
1971 Shauna Sand American actress and Playboy Playmate
1971 Tommy Maddox American football player
1971 Tom Steels Belgian cyclist
1972 Matthew Dunn Australian swimmer
1972 Robert Coles professional golfer
1973 Katt Williams American comedian‚actor‚and rapper
1973 Jason Blake American hockey player
1973 Indika de Saram Sri Lankan cricketer
1974 Steven Johnson Australian racing driver
1975 MC Chris American rapper
1976 Phil Lipscomb American musician (Taproot)
1976 Erin Hershey American actress
1976 Aziz Zakari Ghanaian athlete specializing in the 100 metres
1977 Amanda Marcotte American author
1977 Ramiro Munoz Colombian musician
1977 Frederic Kanoute Malian footballer
1979 Tomer Ben Yosef Israeli footballer
1979 Alex Chu Canadian-born Korean singer
1979 Ron Ng Hong Kong actor
1979 Brian Westbrook American football player
1980 Dany Sabourin French Canadian Goaltender in the National Hockey League
1980 Hiroki Yoshimoto Japanese racing driver
1981 Chris Tremlett English cricketer
1981 Bracha van Doesburgh Dutch actress
1981 Fariborz Kamkari Iranian film director/producer
1982 Joey Barton English footballer
1982 Mandy Cho Hong Kong actress
1982 Jason Hammel American baseball player
1983 Mark Foster English rugby player
1983 Aimee Osbourne English singer‚ actress and columnist
1984 Danson Tang Taiwanese actor‚ model‚ and singer
1984 Jack Penate English singer
1984 Udita Goswami Indian model and actress
1986 Kyle Hines American basketball player
1987 Scott Moir Canadian ice dancer
1988 Ishant Sharma Indian Cricketer
1989 Alexandre Pato Brazilian footballer
1989 Ishmeet Singh Sodhi Indian playback singer (d. 2008)
1990 Marcus Ericsson Swedish racing driver