September 19 Birthdays :162 Famous People Birthdays on 19 September

Adam West Birthday (September 19th)

Adam West Birth Details - 19th September, 1928, Walla, Washington Adam West Nationality - American Gender - Male Adam West Occupation - Actor Adam West an artist was born on 19th September 1928 in Walla, Washington. He is popular for the performance of Batman on the Unique TV progr....

September 19 Birthday Wishes

September 19 Birthday Wishes

It doesn?t matter where you are or what you are doing‚ what matters is who you are. I like who you are. Happy Birthday.

When the world works right‚ good things happen to and for good people and you are definitely good people. Happy Birthday!

September 19Birthday Quotes

'And for the city’s birthday‚ we will host events in every neighborhood of the city‚ inviting all of our residents to share in the celebration of Boston’s great epic - the story of neighbors who support one another where it matters most.'

Thomas Menino

'I was fired by ’America’s Next Top Model’ on my birthday.'

Paulina Porizkova

People Born on September 19

Year Name
86 Antoninus Pius Roman Emperor (d. 161)
866 Leo VI Byzantine Emperor (d. 912)
1749 Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre French mathematician (d. 1922)
1754 John Ross Key commissioned officer in the Continental Army‚ judge‚ lawyer and the father of Francis Scott Key (d. 1821)
1759 William Kirby English entomologist (d. 1850)
1778 Henry Peter Brougham Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (d. 1868)
1774 Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti Italian hyperpolyglot (d. 1849)
1796 Hartley Coleridge English poet (d. 1849)
1799 Rene Caille French explorer (d. 1838)
1802 Lajos Kossuth Hungarian lawyer and Regent-President (d. 1894)
1803 Maria Anna of Savoy Empress of Austria and queen of Hungary and Bohemia (d. 1884)
1811 Orson Pratt American religious leader (d. 1881)
1828 Fridolin Anderwert Swiss Federal Councilor (d. 1880)
1882 Christopher Stone first disc jockey in the United Kingdom (d. 1965)
1887 Lovie Austin American jazz pianist (d. 1972)
1887 Lynne Overman American actor (d. 1943)
1888 J. W. Alexander American mathematician (d. 1971)
1889 Sadie Delany American physician and author (d. 1999)
1898 Giuseppe Saragat President of the Italian Republic (d. 1988)
1901 Joe Pasternak Hungarian-born film producer (d. 1991)
1905 Leon Jaworski American Watergate scandal special prosecutor (d. 1982)
1907 Lewis Franklin Powell‚ Jr. American Supreme Court Justice (d. 1998)
1908 Tatsuo Shimabuku founder of Isshinryu Karate (d. 1975)
1908 Robert Lecourt French politician and president of the European Court of Justice (d. 2004)
1908 Mika Waltari Finnish novelist (d. 1979)
1909 Ferry Porsche Austrian automobile pioneer (d. 1998)
1910 Margaret Lindsay American actress (d. 1981)
1910 Jack Dunham American animator and television producer (d. 2009)
1911 Sir William Golding English writer‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1993)
1912 Kurt Sanderling German conductor
1913 Frances Farmer American actress (d. 1970)
1915 German Valdes Mexican actor‚ singer and comedian (d. 1973)
1920 Roger Angell American sports writer
1921 Paulo Freire Brazilian educator & writer (d. 1997)
1922 Damon Knight American writer (d. 2002)
1922 Emil Zatopek Czech athlete (d. 2000)
1926 Masatoshi Koshiba Japanese physicist‚ Nobel Prize laureate
1926 James Lipton American actor‚ writer and host of Inside the Actors Studio
1926 Duke Snider baseball player
1927 Rosemary Harris English actress
1927 William Hickey American actor (d. 1997)
1928 Adam West American actor
1930 Antonio Margheriti Italian filmmaker (d. 2002)
1931 Brook Benton American singer (d. 1988)
1931 Jean-Claude Carri?re French screenwriter and actor
1933 David McCallum Scottish actor
1934 Brian Epstein English musical group manager (The Beatles) (d. 1967)
1935 Benjamin Hacker American naval aviator (d. 2003)
1935 Nick Massi American singer (The Four Seasons) (d. 2000)
1936 Al Oerter American athlete (d. 2007)
1937 Abner Haynes American football player
1940 Anna Karen South African
1940 Bill Medley American singer and songwriter (The Righteous Brothers)
1940 Ed Westfall Canadian ice hockey player
1940 Paul Williams American composer
1941 Umberto Bossi Italian politician
1941 Mama Cass Elliot American musician (d. 1974)
1942 Freda Payne American singer and actress
1943 Joe Morgan baseball player
1944 Anders Bjorck Swedish politician
1944 Jean Succar Kuri Lebanese-born Mexican businessman
1945 Randolph Mantooth American actor
1946 Brian Henton English racing driver
1947 Lol Creme English musician
1947 Brian Hill American basketball head coach
1948 Jeremy Irons English actor
1948 Mihai Timofti director‚ actor‚ & musician from Moldova-Chisinau
1949 Sally Potter English film director and screenwriter
1949 Ernie Sabella American actor
1949 Barry Scheck American lawyer‚ co-founder Innocence Project
1949 Twiggy English model
1950 Joan Lunden American journalist and television host
1951 Daniel Lanois Canadian record producer
1952 Bernard de Dryver Belgian racing driver
1952 Gunnar Hokmark Swedish politician
1952 Nile Rodgers American musician and composer
1955 Richard Burmer American composer and musician (d. 2006)
1955 Rex Smith American singer and actor
1956 Juan Manuel Fangio II Argentine racing driver
1956 Charlie Reliford baseball umpire
1958 Kevin Hooks American actor and director
1958 Azumah Nelson Ghanaian boxer
1958 Lita Ford American singer
1958 Lucky Ali Indian singer‚ Composer and Actor
1960 Lo?c Bigois French engineer
1962 Cheri Oteri American actress and comedian
1962 Ken Rosenthal American sportswriter
1963 Jarvis Cocker English musician (Pulp)
1963 David Seaman English footballer
1964 Patrick Marber British playwright
1964 Bob Papa American sportscaster
1964 Kim Richards American child actress
1964 Trisha Yearwood American singer
1965 Alexandra Vandernoot Belgian actress
1965 Sabine Paturel French singer
1965 Helen Duval Dutch adult movie actress
1966 Soledad O'Brien American journalist
1966 Eric Robert Rudolph American criminal
1966 Yoshihiro Takayama Japanese professional wrestler
1967 Jim Abbott baseball player
1967 Stephane Crete Quebec actor
1967 Alexander Karelin Russian wrestler
1968 Jimmy Bower American drummer (Down)‚ (Crowbar)
1969 Alkinoos Ioannidis Greek-Cypriot singer and composer
1969 Kostya Tszyu Russian/Australian boxer
1969 Tapio Wilska Finnish singer
1970 Dan Bylsma National Hockey League player
1970 Gilbert Dionne National Hockey League player
1970 Takanori Nishikawa Japanese pop/rock singer
1970 Victor Williams American actor
1971 Sanaa Lathan American actress
1972 Matt Cockbain Australian rugby player
1972 Ashot Nadanian Armenian chess player‚ theoretician and coach
1973 Nick Colgan Irish footballer
1973 Cristiano da Matta Brazilian racing car driver
1973 Jeremy Lindsay Taylor Australian actor
1974 Jimmy Fallon American actor and comedian
1974 Victoria Silvstedt Swedish model
1976 Raja Bell American basketball player
1976 Alison Sweeney American actress
1976 Jim Ward American musician
1976 Jessica York television personality
1976 Jan Hlava? Czech ice hockey player
1977 Akash Chopra Indian cricketer
1977 Ryan Dusick American Musician
1978 Michelle Alves Brazilian supermodel
1978 Nick Johnson baseball player
1978 Nigel Mitchell broadcaster
1978 Jorge Lpez Montana Spanish footballer
1979 Dannielle Brent British actress
1979 Joel Houston Australian musician and songwriter
1979 Noemie Lenoir French supermodel and actress
1980 Dimitri Yachvili French rugby player
1980 Sara Quin Canadian musician
1980 Tegan Quin Canadian musician
1980 Amber Lancaster American model and actress
1981 Damiano Cunego Italian cyclist
1981 Rick DiPietro American ice hockey player
1982 Eleni Daniilidou Greek tennis player
1982 Jordan Parise American ice hockey player
1982 Columbus Short American actor and choreographer
1982 Nicole Voss American model
1982 Shaun Barker English footballer
1983 Joey Devine American baseball player
1983 Eamon American pop singer
1983 Charlie Haeger American baseball player
1983 Matt Wiman American mixed martial artist
1984 Kevin Zegers Canadian actor
1985 Alun-Wyn Jones Welsh rugby player
1986 Gerald Ciolek German cyclist
1986 Ken Gushi Japanese racing driver
1986 Mandy Musgrave American actress
1986 Peter Vack American voice actor
1986 Ryan Succop American football player
1987 Danielle Panabaker American actress
1987 Kenny Britt American football player
1989 Tyreke Evans Basketball Player
1990 Saki Fukuda Japanese actress
1991 Demelza Reveley Australian model-
1994 Alex Etel British actor
2001 Taylor Geare Child actress
2002 Jason and Kristopher Simmons American identical twin actors