September 12 Birthdays :136 Famous People Birthdays on 12 September

Yao Ming Birthday (September 12th)

Yao Ming Yao Ming, a Chinese professional basketball player, born on September 12, 1980. He is a player of Houston Rockets of the NBA, and also the tallest player in the NBA with 7 ft 6 inches. Yao Ming Early Career Yao Ming was born in Shanghai, China, and started his Basketball career for th....

Jennifer Hudson Birthday (September 12th)

Jennifer Hudson born on September 12, 1981, in Chicago, IL, She was blessed with an amazing vocal assortment of six octaves and a ideal musical ear as a young girl, and thoroughly skilled as a chanteuse from the age of seven, at first in her Baptist church singing group, then in many of the sta....

Jesse Owens Birthday (September 12th)

Jesse Owens (1913-1980), was an American athletics star. He show during the mid-1930's in university and in the Olympic Games made him one of the most celebrated athletes in sports history. Being an American track-and-field sportsperson, Jesse Owens set a world record in the running broad jump ....

September 12 Birthday Wishes

September 12 Birthday Wishes

It’s not what you know but who you know. It is not how old you are but the years that you know! Happy Birthday!

Today is not the end of another year‚ but the start of a new one. Happy Birthday.

September 12Birthday Quotes

'I worked at an ice cream parlor called Chadwicks. We wore old-timey outfits and had to bang a drum‚ play a kazoo‚ and sing ’Happy Birthday’ to people while giving them free birthday sundaes. Lots of ice cream scooping and $1 tips.'

Amy Poehler

'A gift‚ with a kind countenance‚ is a double present.'

Thomas Fuller

People Born on September 12

Year Name
1492 Lorenzo II de' Medici Duke of Urbino (d. 1519)
1575 Henry Hudson English explorer (d. 1611)
1605 William Dugdale English antiquarian (d. 1686)
1688 Ferdinand Brokoff Czech sculptor (d. 1731)
1690 Peter Dens Flemish Catholic theologian (d. 1775)
1725 Guillaume Le Gentil French astronomer (d. 1792)
1740 Johann Heinrich Jung German author (d. 1817)
1797 Samuel Joseph May American Abolitionist (d. 1871)
1812 Richard Hoe American inventor and industrialist (d. 1886)
1818 Richard Gatling American weapons inventor (d. 1903)
1830 William Sprague IV American politician (d.1915)
1852 H. H. Asquith Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1928)
1855 Simon-Napoleon Parent Canadian politician (d. 1920)
1875 Matsunosuke Onoe Japanese actor (d. 1926)
1880 H. L. Mencken American journalist and author (d. 1956)
1888 Maurice Chevalier French singer and actor (d. 1972)
1891 Pedro Albizu Campos advocate for Puerto Rican independence (d. 1965)
1892 Alfred A. Knopf American publisher (d. 1984)
1895 Freym?ur Jhannsson Icelandic artist (d. 1973)
1897 Irene Joliot-Curie French physicist‚ recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (d. 1956)
1898 Salvador Bacarisse Spanish composer (d. 1963)
1898 Ben Shahn Lithuanian-born American artist (d. 1969)
1901 Ben Blue Canadian actor and comedian (d. 1975)
1901 Shmuel Horowitz Russian-born Israeli agronomist (d. 1999)
1902 Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira President of Brazil (d. 1976)
1907 Louis MacNeice Irish poet (d. 1963)
1913 Jesse Owens American athlete (d. 1980)
1913 Eiji Toyoda Japanese industrialist
1914 Rais Amrohvi Pakistani poet and psychoanalyst (d. 1988)
1914 Desmond Llewelyn Welsh actor (d. 1999)
1915 Frank McGee American journalist (d. 1974)
1916 Tony Bettenhausen American race car driver (d. 1961)
1917 Pierre Sevigny Canadian politician (d. 2004)
1921 Stanis?aw Lem Polish writer (d. 2006)
1922 Ellen Demming American actress (d. 2002)
1922 Mark Rosenzweig American brain researcher (d. 2009)
1925 Stan Lopata American baseball player
1928 Ernie Vandeweghe Former football‚basketball‚and baseball player
1931 Sir Ian Holm English actor
1931 George Jones American singer
1933 Tatiana Doronina Russian actress
1934 Glenn Davis American athlete (d. 2009)
1934 Jaegwon Kim Korean-born American philosopher
1937 George Chuvalo Canadian boxer
1938 Claude Ruel French Canadian ice hockey coach
1939 Henry Waxman American politician
1940 Linda Gray American actress
1940 Mickey Lolich American baseball player
1940 Patrick Mower English actor
1943 Maria Muldaur American singer
1943 Michael Ondaatje Sri Lankan-born writer
1944 Leonard Peltier American activist
1944 Barry White American singer (d. 2003)
1947 Bjorn Floberg Norwegian actor
1948 Luis Lima Argentinian tenor
1949 Irina Rodnina Russian figure skater
1950 Gustav Brunner Austrian engineer
1951 Bertie Ahern Irish politician
1951 Ray Gravell Welsh rugby union player (d. 2007)
1951 Joe Pantoliano American actor
1951 Gerald Stano American serial killer (d. 1998)
1952 Gerry Beckley American musician (America)
1952 Neil Peart Canadian drummer and author (Rush)
1954 Adrian Adonis American professional wrestler (d. 1988)
1954 Jeff Jarvis American journalist
1955 Peter Scolari American actor
1956 Barry Andrews British musician
1956 Sam Brownback American politician
1956 Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing Hong Kong artist‚ singer‚ actor‚ director (d. 2003)
1956 Ricky Rudd American race car driver
1956 Walter Woon law professor and former Nominated Member of Parliament and Attorney-General of Singapore
1957 Rachel Ward English actress
1957 Hans Zimmer German composer
1958 Wilfredo Benitez American boxer
1959 Scott Brown United States senator from Massachusetts
1960 Stefanos Korkolis Greek songwriter and pianist
1961 Myl?ne Farmer French singer and songwriter
1961 Kathem Al Saher Iraqi singer
1962 Dino Merlin Bosnian singer
1962 Amy Yasbeck American actress
1964 Dieter Hecking German footballer
1965 Einstein Kristiansen Norwegian cartoonist‚ designer and TV host
1965 John Norwood Fisher American musician
1965 Vernon Maxwell American basketball player
1966 Darren E. Burrows American actor
1966 Ben Folds American musician
1966 Vezio Sacratini Italian ice hockey player
1967 Pat Listach American baseball player
1967 Louis C.K. American stand-up comedian‚ writer‚ actor‚ producer and director
1968 Ler LaLonde American guitarist (Primus)
1968 Paul F. Tompkins American comedian
1968 Richard Snell former South African cricketer
1969 angel Cabrera Argentine golfer
1969 James Frey American writer
1969 Shigeki Maruyama Japanese golfer
1969 Andre Heinz American environmentalist; son of Teresa Heinz
1970 Nathan Larson American guitarist and composer
1972 Jason Statham English actor
1973 Darren Campbell British athlete
1973 Ki-Jana Carter American football player
1973 Martin Lapointe Canadian hockey player
1973 Paul Walker American actor
1974 Caroline Aigle First female French fighter pilot (d. 2007)
1974 Nuno Valente Portuguese footballer
1974 Jennifer Nettles American country singer‚ part of Sugarland
1976 Bizzy Bone American rapper‚ (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
1976 Maciej ?urawski Polish footballer
1977 Nathan Bracken Australian cricketer
1977 Grant Denyer Australian television personality and TV Host
1977 Jeff Irwin American musician
1977 James McCartney British musician and son of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney
1977 Idan Raichel Israeli musician
1977 David Thompson English footballer
1978 Elisabetta Canalis Italian model and actress
1978 Benjamin McKenzie American actor
1978 Ruben Studdard American singer
1980 Sean Burroughs American baseball player
1980 Fernando Cesar de Souza Brazilian footballer
1980 Gus G. Greek guitarist (Firewind‚ Dream Evil)
1980 Joe Loeffler American musician (former bassist for Chevelle)
1980 Josef Vasi?ek Czech ice hockey player
1980 Yao Ming Chinese basketball player
1981 Alan Arruda Brazilian footballer
1981 Jennifer Hudson American actress and singer
1981 Staciana Stitts American swimmer
1982 Nana Ozaki Japanese model
1982 Zoran Planinic Croatian basketball player
1983 Carly Smithson Irish singer
1983 Daniel Muir football player
1983 Sergio Parisse Argentina-born Italian rugby player
1983 Clayton Richard American baseball player
1984 September Swedish singer
1986 Dimitrios Regas Greek sprinter
1986 Emmy Rossum American actress and singer
1986 Joanne Jackson British swimmer
1988 Amanda Jenssen Swedish singer