September 10 Birthdays :137 Famous People Birthdays on 10 September

Ryan Phillippe Birthday (September 10th)

Ryan Phillippe, who was born September 10, 1974, in New Castle, DE, climbed from darkness to turn out to be one of the most talked-about actors of his age band, attracting at first many admirers of his good looks, and later fans of risk-taking players. Ryan Phillippe Career Ryan Phillippe got h....

Ellen Pompeo Birthday (September 10th)

Ellen Pompeo Ellen Kathleen Pompeo was born on November 10, 1969. She is an American Actress.She played a roll on the ABC medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Ellen Pompeo Childhood: Ellen Pompeo was born in Everett, Massachusetts. She is the daughter of Joseph, a salesman, and Kath....

Randy Johnson Birthday (September 10th)

Baseball, the national sport of the US, is played with zeal and followed with an interest which borders on deification. Young and the old alike are passionate in their following and worship of their individual heroes. The popularity of the sport can be gauged from the fact that Baseball is playe....

September 10 Birthday Wishes

September 10 Birthday Wishes

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you get better looking every year. Happy Birthday.

To the victor go the spoils. Be victorious on your birthday and act spoiled. Happy Birthday!

September 10Birthday Quotes

'I think the best thing about my job is that I have my life documented‚ which not many people get to have. They have a photo here and there and maybe some video footage from a birthday. My kids will be able to see me growing up.'

Kirsten Dunst

'On my birthday‚ I was in Milan for the collections.'

Eva Herzigova

People Born on September 10

Year Name
1169 Alexius II Comnenus Byzantine Emperor (d. 1183)
1385 Le Loi national hero of Viet Nam‚ founder of the Later Le Dynasty (d. 1433)?
1487 Pope Julius III Italian Roman Catholic Pope (d. 1555)
1561 Hernando Arias de Saavedra Spanish colonial governor (d. 1634)
1588 Nicholas Lanier English composer (d. 1666)
1624 Thomas Sydenham English physician (d. 1689)
1638 Maria Theresa of Spain queen of Louis XIV of France (d. 1683)
1659 Henry Purcell English composer (d. 1695)
1714 Niccol? Jommelli Italian composer (d. 1774)
1758 Hannah Webster Foster American author (d. 1840)
1786 Nicolas Bravo Mexican politician and soldier (d. 1854)
1786 William Mason American politician (d. 1860)
1788 Jacques Boucher de Cr?vec?ur de Perthes French archaeologist (d. 1868)
1801 Marie Laveau American Voodoo practitioner (d. 1881)
1836 Joseph Wheeler American general (d. 1906)
1839 Isaac Kauffman Funk American publisher (d. 1912)
1839 Charles Sanders Peirce American philosopher (d. 1914)
1844 Abel Hoadley Australian confectioner (d. 1918)
1852 Hans Niels Andersen Danish businessman‚ founder of the East Asiatic Company (d. 1937)
1852 Alice Brown Davis Seminole chief (d. 1935)
1855 Albert F. Mummery British mountaineer (d. 1895)
1861 Niels Hansen Jacobsen Danish sculptor and ceramist (d. 1941)
1866 Jeppe Aakj Danish writer (d. 1930)
1871 Charles Collett British mechanical engineer (d. 1952)
1885 Carl Clinton Van Doren American biographer and critic (d. 1950)
1886 Hilda Doolittle American poet and novelist (d. 1961)
1887 Giovanni Gronchi 3rd President of the Italian Republic (d. 1978)
1887 Kenneth Mason British geographer (d. 1976)
1890 Elsa Schiaparelli French couturiere (d. 1973)
1890 Franz Werfel Austrian-Bohemian novelist (d. 1945)
1892 Arthur Compton American physicist‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1962)
1893 Maria de Jesus Portuguese supercentenarian and former oldest living person (d. 2009)
1895 Kavi Samrat Viswanatha Satyanarayana Telugu writer (d. 1976)
1896 Ye Ting Chinese military leader (d. 1946)
1896 Adele Astaire American dancer and entertainer (d. 1981)
1896 Robert Taschereau Canadian judge and politician (d. 1970)
1897 Georges Bataille French writer (d. 1962)
1897 Hilde Hildebrand German actress (d. 1976)
1898 Bessie Love American actress (d. 1986)
1898 Waldo Semon American inventor (d. 1999)
1904 Max Shachtman American politician (d. 1972)
1906 Karl Wien German mountaineer (d. 1937)
1907 Alva R. Fitch American army officer (d. 1989)
1908 Waldo Wedel American Archaeologist (d. 1996)
1908 Raymond Scott American composer‚ bandleader‚ electronic music pioneer (d. 1994)
1912 Mary Walter Filipina actress (d. 1993)
1913 Lincoln Gordon American diplomat
1914 Robert Wise American film director (d. 2005)
1915 Edmond O'Brien American actor (d. 1985)
1917 Miguel Serrano Chilean author and diplomat (d. 2009)
1918 Rin Tin Tin German shepherd dog (d. 1932)
1920 Fabio Taglioni Italian motorcycle engineer (d. 2001)
1922 Yma Sumac Peruvian singer (d. 2008)
1924 Ted Kluszewski American baseball player (d. 1988)
1924 Boyd K. Packer LDS apostle
1925 Roy Brown American blues musician (d. 1981)
1928 Jean Vanier Canadian disabilities advocate
1928 Walter Martin American Christian apologist (d. 1989)
1929 Arnold Palmer American golfer
1931 Philip Baker Hall American actor
1932 Bo Goldman American screenwriter
1933 Yevgeny Khrunov Soviet cosmonaut (d. 2000)
1933 Karl Lagerfeld German fashion designer
1934 Charles Kuralt American journalist (d. 1997)
1934 Jim Oberstar American politician‚ representative from Minnesota
1934 Roger Maris American baseball player (d. 1985)
1935 Mary Oliver American poet
1937 Jared Diamond American biologist and author
1939 Cynthia Lennon British celebrity - first wife of John Lennon
1941 Stephen Jay Gould American paleontologist (d. 2002)
1941 Christopher Hogwood English conductor
1941 Gunpei Yokoi Japanese inventor and video game designer (d. 1997)
1942 Danny Hutton American singer
1943 Eldridge Coleman American professional wrestler
1943 Daniel Truhitte American actor
1943 Neale Donald Walsch American author
1944 Sir Thomas Allen English baritone
1945 Jose Feliciano Puerto Rican singer
1946 Jim Hines American athlete
1946 Don Powell English drummer
1946 Mich?le Alliot-Marie French politician
1948 Tony Gatlif Algerian-born director
1948 Judy Geeson English actress
1948 Bob Lanier American basketball player
1948 Margaret Trudeau former wife of Pierre Trudeau
1948 Zhang Chengzhi Chinese writer
1948 Charlie Waters American football player
1949 Don Muraco professional wrestler
1949 Bill O'Reilly American journalist and commentator
1950 Joe Perry American musician
1952 Vic Toews Canadian politician
1952 Medea Benjamin American activist
1953 Yannis Bezos Greek actor
1956 Amy Irving American actress
1956 Johnny Hickman American musician
1956 Johnny Fingers Irish musician The Boomtown Rats
1957 Carol Decker UK singer
1957 Kate Burton Swiss actress
1958 Chris Columbus American film director
1958 Siobhan Fahey Irish singer
1959 Peter Nelson American actor
1960 Alison Bechdel American cartoonist
1960 Colin Firth English actor
1960 David Lowery American musician
1963 Randy Johnson American baseball player
1963 Bill Stevenson American music producer and musician
1964 John E. Sununu American politician
1965 Robin Goodridge English rock drummer
1966 Joe Nieuwendyk Canadian ice hockey player
1968 Big Daddy Kane American rapper
1968 Andreas Herzog Austrian footballer
1968 Guy Ritchie British film director
1969 Johnathon Schaech American actor
1969 Ai Jing Chinese singer
1970 Paula Kelley American musician
1970 Menelik Cameroonian/French rapper
1972 James Duval American actor
1972 Katarina Hasprova Slovak singer
1972 Ghada Shouaa Syrian athlete
1972 Bente Skari Norwegian cross-country skier
1973 Ferdinand Coly Senegalese footballer
1974 Mirko Filipovi? Croatian martial artist
1974 Ryan Phillippe American actor
1974 Ben Wallace American basketball player
1975 Melanie Pullen American photograper
1976 Vassilis Lakis Greek footballer
1976 Matt Morgan American professional wrestler
1979 Andreas Aniko Estonian footballer
1979 Jacob Young American actor and singer
1981 Marco Chiudinelli Swiss tennis player
1985 Aya Kamiki Japanese rock singer
1985 Matsuda Shota Japanese actor
1986 Hiroki Uchi Japanese singer and actor
1986 Eoin Morgan Irish cricketer
1987 Nana Tanimura Japanese singer
1988 Jordan Staal Canadian ice hockey player
1988 Coco Rocha Canadian fashion model