Senior Health & Fitness Day 2017

Health is wealth. This old proverb is especially true when it comes to our senior citizens. As age catches up with our dear ones they face many changes both physically and mentally. Simple tasks take a long time to complete and many elders even forget the tasks halfway through. Most of us take these changes in our stride and try to come to terms with the changes in our dear ones. Interestingly, these developments are not any cause of major worry and can be easily addressed. Age appropriate exercises and activities along with a balanced diet are a great help to improve the health of our elders.

What is the Importance of this Day Dedicated to the Health of our Elders?

The details on how to celebrate the day greatly depend on the local communities. Many community activities and events are staged on Senior Health and Fitness day. These activities include information about exercise and diet, health screenings and counselling if required. The importance of this day can be gauged by merely counting the number of organizations planning events on this day dedicated to the health of our elders. Every year different themes that stress the importance of health and fitness of our senior citizens are celebrated on this day.

Tracing the Origin of the Day

27th May has been dedicated to celebrating Senior Health and Fitness day without fail every year from 1994 onwards. The origin of the day dedicated to the health of our elders can be traced to the need of educating both our elders and their family about the needs of the aged. Equal emphasis is given to exercise and diet for a healthy life, even in the sunset years of their lives. Seniors are encouraged to participate in low-impact physical activities like walking, stretching and swimming. A healthy and nutritious diet along with these exercises helps our elders  substantially maintain their physical and mental agility.

Deciding Themes that Stress the Importance of the Day

The theme for this day is decided and intimated well in advance. This helps all the communities to plan activities that relate to the annual theme. Much thought goes into selecting the theme as they single-handedly stress the importance of the day to all Americans. Some of the communities and groups that are actively involved in celebrating Senior Health and Fitness Day are area agencies on aging, houses of worship, hospitals, health clubs, senior centers & retirement communities. Local and state aging departments, shopping centers & malls, park and recreation department and banks also organize various activities on this day.

Planning Activities and Events that are Appropriate

Activities organized on this day are carefully planned keeping in mind both the needs of elder citizens as well as the annual theme. Diets, low impact exercises, tips to boost energy, increasing the nutritional benefits, reducing the causes of old age ailments like risks of falls and fractures, methods to build muscle strength and other interesting topics are discussed by experts. These experts guide our elders as they continue to live independent and fulfilling lives well past their prime.

Senior Health & Fitness Day 2017