Secretary Day 2017

Secretary Day 2017 celebrates on April 26th

Today, the Administrative Professional day is an unofficial holiday for the secretaries in United States. This year (2015) the secretary day is on Wednesday April 22nd. The secretary day is a chance for the boss to thank their secretary for all the big and small support and hard work the secretaries and the assistants put from their part. It is the day for the boss to recognize the importance of the professional support staff and appreciate them for all they have done throughout the year. It is the day to make the secretaries feel that they are indeed a very important and indispensible part of the institution or company.

 Administrative professionals day is celebrated through community events. The National Secretary Association, now called the International Association for Administrative Professionals (IAAP), suggest the arrangement of events to highlight the importance of the assistant professionals and to enhance the work related skill. The work related skill can be improved by providing an opportunity for continuing education and training and by conducting seminars. Over these years, the secretary day or the Administrative Professional day has become one of the largest workplace celebrations with millions of secretaries, receptionists and personal assistants observing it on the Wednesday of the Administrative Professional week.

Harry F Klemfuss, a New York publicist along with the National Secretary association in the year 1952 created the National Secretary's week so as to appreciate the work of secretaries and encourage more people into the profession. The National secretary week was held on the first week of June from june1 to 7 and June 4th was celebrated as the secretary day. Three years later in 1955, the observance of the week was moved to the last full week of April and the Wednesday in the week was decided as the secretary day. The name of the week has been changed twice; in 1981 it came to be called the Professional Secretary Week and in the year 2000 it got named the Administrative Professional Week as it is called up to the day. The change in name was to encompass the expanding responsibility and titles associated with the role of professional support staff.

administrative professionals day

On this day the boss usually appreciate and acknowledge the work of the Administrative assistants by presenting them with little gifts of appreciation like flowers, chocolates, cards, assorted gift basket, wine, candies and office accessories like pen, clock or writing set. Some honor their assistant or secretary by taking them for a lunch, giving them a day off, getting a movie ticket or surprising them with really good gift like a holiday package or relaxing spa coupon. After all, the main idea behind the day is to say "Thank You Very Much" and show them that they really matters a lot and they are the exceptional assistant one can have.

Just one day in the office without these professional support staff can cause a real uproar in the office because no boss knows how to handle their projects without the little support the secretaries and administrative assistant provides. They are the real oil for the smooth running of the busiest of the busiest offices. So do thank them and thank them from your heart because you are what they made you to be, and the success of the boss is on the hard work of his secretary.

Someone said "As soon as you sit down to a cup of coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold." This indeed is the life of secretary or the administrative assistant. The secretary is responsible for managing the every single thing in the office, running errands for the boss, typing, filling forms and fulfilling many other duties.  They take care of each and everything so that the office runs smoothly and the every work of their boss will be completed accurately in time. They are the little hand which has a big role in the success of the company, but they are seldom appreciated and recognized. Shouldn't their hard work, diligence and dedication be acknowledged at some instance?

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Secretary Day 2017