Secretary Day Gift Ideas

Secretary Day or the administrative Assistant Day is observed on Wednesday of the last full week of April. This day is celebrated so as to honor the values and importance of the secretaries, receptionists and the administrative assistants. Their hard work and diligence are indispensible for the proper functioning of the offices, hospitals, institutions and corporate firms. This day provides an opportunity to acknowledge the support and cooperation provided by the millions of secretaries and to recognize the hard work and dedication shown by them which often goes unrecognized and unappreciated.

The easiest way to say thank you is through gifts and on this day, the boss thanks their professional support staff by giving them little gifts of appreciation or a day off. The most popular secretary day gift is flower bouquet which shows they are very special. Other gifts also includes thank you cards, assorted chocolates,  candies, scarves, wine and office accessories like pen holder, pen, clocks and writing set. The work of the support staff sometimes even falls on their lunch time and there are times when the secretary has to work on empty stomach. To show respect to such a dedication, some employer takes them for a special lunch or breakfast or orders for it at the office. On this day a full day or half day off is given to the support staff along with a coupon to a movie or stage play.

secretary day wishes from boss

Today there are a lot of gift baskets and gift sets suited for every occasion  available in the market, one can choose from a number of gifts like, basket of assorted chocolate, fruit basket, basket of cookies, snack gift box, and writing set, jewelry box, pen holder and much more. Mugs, plate and thank you cards with the very best appreciation quotes are also in the market. This can make the secretary day gift shopping very easy and it just takes a few minutes of the boss's day at the grocery to shop for the best suited gift from the lot.

If you are an employer, it is always better to gift them with personal touch and try special things are known to be appreciated the most by the assistant staff. It is the best way to show the gratitude and appreciation than the readymade and formal gifts. The employer will mostly be aware of the likes, hobbies and interests of their secretary or receptionist. So try planning the gift which meets the taste of the secretary and is centered on them. If they are a sports person give them an entry pass to a match or a paid round of their favorite game. If they are chocolate lovers buy them a big bar of their favorite chocolate or a basket or assorted ones. Giving them a coupon to a revitalizing and relaxing spa treatment is a very good and stress relieving gift. If they are on food, order their favorite meal or snack for them at the office or take them to their most loved food spot. Give them the day off with a small tip to enjoy the day, buying something for the family or child also shows your concern and appreciation. If the secretary loves some of the accessory you use, try buying one of those for the day. Plan the gift in a way to make them feel special. A vacation to a holiday spot or an adventure trip can also be on the list if the company can afford it.

The secretary works for you all day long so as to make you comfortable with the job and does everything at time for the smooth progress of the ongoing projects. Try not to burden your assistant staff with loads of work and assignments and a bit lesser work during their week can be thoughtful. Make them comfortable with the assignments and do take care to treat them really well and NO shouting. Ordering a cup of coffee for them at the most busiest of their hours; as it shows the care you are taking towards them. Always remember the administrative professionals work hard so that the boss does not have to work very hard.

Talking to the professional assistant about all the qualities in them that you appreciate the most and the best things they have done for you and the office as a personal assistant can make them very happy. A hand written card or even a note which really show your appreciation for their help can do the job. A word of gratitude and appreciation can mean a lot more than every gift because appreciation is indeed a wonderful thing. "Appreciate everything your associates do for the business.  Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise.  They're absolutely free and worth a fortune".

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