Sculpture Key West 2016

This exhibition was started with the idea of offering a significant and dynamic platform for artists interested in working with contemporary sculptures, placed outdoors. The vision of the founder was to offer exhibits around the area – which would inspire and educate community in and around the Florida Keys and visitors. Many established and new artists have showcased their work under the aegis of Sculpture Key West.

Sculpture Key West History

Jim Racchi and a few sculptors set up and installed their work facing the sunset in 1995. The venue was a State Park. With a lot of hard work on the part of other local artists, people were invited to view and appreciate the presentations.

Over the next few years, the exhibition grew in size and was set up as a non profit organization in 2002. This exhibition is now a internationally recognized one – artists from all over the world present their work at this event.

Quite a few of the artists have got attention in serious publications such as Sculpture, Art News and even airline magazines. This has helped garner more attention for this format.

Artists such as Robert Chambers, Monika Goetz, Luisa Caldwell, Gerhard Fousek, Ron Fondaw etc. have presented their work. Sculpture Key West picks unusual sites to display the artwork in and around the community. This is to help foster more interest and help people enjoy art close up.

The idea is that art is something that can be experienced every day and there is no need to make an appointment or travel to see it.

The mission of Sculpture Key West is not only to educate but also develop a new generation of artists and art lovers. Sculpture is also used to see how it can be related to different disciplines such as economics in the art arena, how drawing and sand sculptures can be brought outdoors from a classroom.

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