Scottish Culture


The Scottish culture is largely inspired by the inhabitants of Scottish Highlands those mainly come under to the Celtic descent. The people in Southern part of Scotland are more influenced by Nordic and Anglo-Saxon culture.

The cultural history of Scotland had started 10,000 years ago, when human being first started to reside in Scotland after the conclusion of the Devensian glaciations i.e. the last ice age. The history of the country comprises of Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age civilization.

It is obvious from the artifacts discovered later. But the history of Scotland has been written only after the onset of the Roman Empire in Britain, by the time when the Romans conquered the area presently known as England and Wales. The people who used to live in Scotland earlier came in contact of people from other cultures such as Picts, Angles, Britons, Flemish, Norman, English, and Scandinavian, and this interaction helped in shaping up the national culture of Scotland.


Scottish people consume more sugar, chocolate, salt, and butter and recently the consumption of meat and fish, bread, and vegetables has been increased. Ground beef, boiled or mashed potatoes and homemade curries are the common foods of Scotland.

The following are some of the Scottish delicacies:

  • Scottish Beef
  • Haggis
  • Arbroath Smokie
  • Crowdie
  • Stovied Tatties
  • Scotch Pies
  • Arbroath Smokie
  • Salmon
  • Venison
  • Cranachan
  • Bannock
  • Scotch Broth
  • Shortbread

Scotland is also famous for Scotch whisky, distilleries and Scottish beer.


The traditional clothes of Scottish men are

  • Kilt (or trews)
  • Sporran
  • Sgian dubh
  • Ghillies

Similarly, the clothes of women include:

  • Tartan sash
  • Ankle-length tartan skirts
  • Blouses with cuffs or collars
  • Velvet silk jackets

Over the period the clothing of Scotland has been changed a lot. And use of jackets, sporran, skean dhu, kilt hose and garters has increased.


There are 770,217 members have enrolled themselves in Church of Scotland and Catholic Church has 774,550 people as members. Around 35, 000 people are Episcopalians and a similar number of Protestant denomination are living in Scotland. The populations of Muslims; Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist; Jewish becomes around twenty thousand in total.

Protestants dislike the symbolic embellishment and stress more on the individual's personal connection with God. A strong sense of guiltiness and uprightness encompass the Presbyterian conversations. Scottish people believe in ghosts, fairies, etc. Some highlanders believe in gifting at second sight.


The following are some of the Scottish events celebrated with lots of passion and zeal:

  • Hogmanay Festival or New Year
  • Edinburgh International Jazz
  • Blues Festival
  • Edinburgh International Festival
  • Edinburgh Science Festival
  • Glasgow Jazz Festival
  • Edinburgh Harp Festival
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • Speyfest
  • St. Magnus Festival

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