School Librarian Day 2017

You cannot buy all the books required for your studies – some have to be borrowed or referred to at the school library. So, the person who helps and guides you with your reading at the library is the school librarian. You may take this person for granted but someone did not, thereby creating a special day for the school librarian.

School Librarian Day is observed on the 4th of April each year. However, there is a lot of controversy regarding the date and it is also celebrated on different dates in different places. It is not important when but it is important to observe it at least once a year to honor those people, the school librarians, who guide children to read the books that will help them in their education.

Things to do on School Librarian Day

  • On this day, you can give recognition to the person who is always in the background but is an essential part of the overall development of a student.

  • Have a chat with your librarian. Find out your librarian’s name (you probably never bothered to ask).

  • Take a little memento or card for your librarian who will not only be surprised but probably totally overwhelmed, especially if you are the only one who was so thoughtful.

  • If you have known your librarian for a long time, then you could probably share a meal together. It’s a good way to get to know this obscure but vital person who figures in your day-to-day life.

So, when School Librarian Day comes along next, don’t just visit the library as usual – do something special for your librarian.

School Librarian Day 2017