Scary Halloween Costumes

When Halloween is around the corner, people are in the mood to prepare for the various parties, knocking on doors for treats and for the Halloween ball night. Choosing a dress or a costume for a Halloween night requires planning. This is because many parties have themes and people have to buy their costumes according to the themes. Traditionally, Halloween costumes are supposed to be scary and creepy. Following are some ideas for scary Halloween costumes for children, women and men:

Scary Halloween Costumes for children:

Scary Children Halloween Costumes

Children love to dress up in scary Halloween costumes to scare their fellow mates or kids who are younger. Children can wear traditional scary costumes like ghost costumes, vampires, werewolves, aliens and devils. To try something different, parents should encourage children to use their own imagination to design scarier costumes for themselves. This will boast the child’s imagination and the costume will stand out due to the uniqueness. Children who like gaming and fantasy books would like to dress up like their favorite villain. For example, dressing up like Sméagol from Lord of the Rings is rare for Halloween. Instead of dressing like the regular ghosts and vampires, children can opt for creepier insects and reptiles which look disgusting, to say the least. A good option is a spider or a snake costume.

Scary Halloween Costumes for Women:

Scary Women Halloween Costumes

Vampires and werewolves will always be in fashion for scary costumes. Women can add their own novelty in their werewolves costume by adding fake blood.   Dressing like a nurse dripping with blood would be an exceptional and scary idea for a Halloween costume, though many would find it gory.

Scary Halloween Costumes for Men:

Scary Men Halloween Costumes

Instead of going for the good old Frankenstein look, men can look for scarier Halloween costumes in movies. Men can dress up like “The Joker” of the Batman series and look sinister. A novel idea to look scary is by wearing a simple shirt, trouser, a plastic coat and a blood stained knife and look like a psychopath or a serial killer.