Save Your Hearing Day

Every year on the 31st of May, America celebrates Save your Hearing Day. This day is a yearly reminder to reduce artificial sounds and spend time listening to nature. An understanding of the increase in lifestyle diseases will help in understanding the increasing importance of the day dedicated to our well-being. Every small sound of nature is a delight to our ears.The gurgling brooks, the chirping birds, the rustling leaves all impart a serenity that is amazing. Inversely, artificial sounds like sirens, loud music and so on cause irreversible damage to our hearing.

Raising Awareness about the Importance of the Day

Reducing the volume of artificial sounds whenever possible, using earmuffs to camouflage the sounds, and so on are all simple and effective ways to reduce the damages caused by loud sounds.The importance of the day is obvious and needs no special mention. However, with not much historical importance, it would not be out of place if we were confused about how to celebrate the day. Participating in activities that bring you closer to nature is the underlying commitment for those keen on being part of such days that enhance well-being and healthy lifestyles.

Imbibing Activities that Help Improve Our Lifestyles

In fact, this day acts as a highly beneficial hearing detox for one and all regardless of age.The importance of the day is further reinforced when activities and rules associated with Save Your Hearing Day become a part and parcel of everyday life. The most important rule that is associated with Save Your Hearing day is to celebrate in more natural way of life. Changing one’s lifestyle through personal choice and activities that allow the sounds of nature to reinforce the positive energy resonating in our lives thus becomes second nature with the passage of time.

Rules for Celebrating the Day

A special mention of the 60:60 rule is worthwhile in this context. This rule is strictly enforced and applies to all loud sounds in our everyday activities. For instance, Everyone understand the importance of the day must listen to loud music for a time period not exceeding 60 minutes and at no more than 60 per cent volume as part of the celebrations.  If all members of a family were to practice this rule diligently,we would have made a substantial contribution towards the good health of our ears in particular and a better lifestyle in general.

What are the Origins of the Day that Contributes to a Healthier Life?

The origins of this day are obscure. However, studies prove that many of the causes of hearing problems can be avoided by dedicating a single day to the cause. A life of silence without hearing any of the sounds around us would be very monotonous and tiring. However, the same studies prove that the many reasons for hearing loss include genetic problems, age, illness, medical problems, chemicals and so on. Interestingly vaccination is recommended for most of the problems that are known to cause hearing imbalances, including pneumonia, rubella and influenza. Vaccination is recommended to help prevent a majority of deafness and hearing impairment cases.

Save Your Hearing Day