Save the Eagles Day 2017

What is Save the Eagles Day?

Save the Eagles Day is commemorated on the 10th of January every year to save the eagles from extinction. The eagles were once in extinction in the later part of 20th Century, but as on June 2007, the Bald Eagle- national bird of the United States, was removed from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife, due to the assiduous work of scientists and good stewards of both public and private lands.

There are more then 70 species of eagles throughout the world; except Hawaii, where the bird never resided. Other species of birds are not so fortunate as the Bald Eagle because of the threat caused due to habitat loss, poaching, and pesticides.

Throughout history, eagle appeared in both mythology and heraldry, and has been recognized as a symbol of power, courage, freedom and immorality since the antediluvian times. It is believed in some religions that a high-soaring eagle touches the face of God. Legends of Mexico's Aztecs so honored the bird that they built their capital, Tenochtitlan, at the spot where an eagle roosted on a cactus to raven a snake.

Eagles have a long life, great strength and majestic looks, and for this reason, the United States chose the bald eagle as its emblem. Not only the United States, Germany's coat of arms has a black eagle spreading its wings; Egypt's coat of arms portrays a majestic and tall eagle of black and gold. Albania's flag and its coat of arms also depicts a two-headed eagle. And the Turks and the Byzantine Empire shows a two-headed eagle as its emblem.

In ancient Rome, it was believed that the eagle represented God Jupiter and represented the senate. The eagle can be found in religions including Christianity and Hinduism as well. It is considered as a sacred bird in some cultures, and her feathers are used in many spiritual customs. Some Native Americans idolize eagle feathers as holy religious objects- the feathers and parts of bald eagle and golden eagles are in equivalence with the bible and crucifix. Feathers of eagle are used in ceremonies to honor achievements and qualities of leadership and bravery.

How is Save the Day Celebrated ?

To honor Save the Eagles Day, we can look forward to protect eagles and the habitat of this most renowned and majestic bird. Donating to a wildlife sanctuary or turning to the government officials to strengthen environmental protection of waterways might help in saving the eagles. Planting trees and maintaining them in our own yards or local parks makes place for eagles to alight.

On the 10th of January, we can thank the United States for being able to enjoy watching these amazing birds soaring high in our sky. We should also send this intention to our world for it will help eagles continue their existence throughout the world now and for the years to come.

Save the Eagles Day 2017