SAT Test

What is SAT Test?

SAT or otherwise known as “Scholastic Aptitude Test” or “Scholastic Assessment Test” is a very common and standard test in the U.S for admission into colleges. SAT is administered by the College Board in the United States. The SAT Test is done to determine whether the student is ready to face college or not. The SAT Test is considered important by majority of the colleges and universities in the United States.

The Test is 3 hours long and has three sections “Mathematics”, “Critical Reading” and “Writing” each of which is off 800 points bringing the total score of the test to 2400.

The Critical Reading Section is broken into 3 sub sections with two 25 minutes sections and one 20 minute section. Passage related questions are asked along with sentence completion questions etc..

The Mathematics Section is also broken down to 3 sub sections with two 25 minutes section and one 20 minute section. One of the 25 minute section is completely multiple choice with 20 questions and the other 25 minute section consists of 8 multiple choice questions and 10 grid related question.

The Writing Section consists of multiple choice questions and an essay writing question as well. The multiple choice questions cater to 70% whereas the essay questions cater to 28% of the scoring.


The SAT Test is for students going to colleges and applying in universities in United States. The eligibility factor tends to differ from country to country. The major requirement though is for a candidate to have completed his / her 10 + 2.


Since SAT is a major requirement for majority of the universities and colleges in the U.S the number of sites that help prepare an individual for the test with preparatory test are numerous. Need to prepare vigorously is important and it cannot be taken easy by any candidate since the future of the candidate depends on it. Various numerous SAT Test books are available for reference purpose as well. Preparing for the test at least a month in advance can help a candidate secure the best score possible.


Each of the section is marked from a scale of 200 to 800. Along with the scores the candidates receive their percentage which can be compared to other students. The marks are scored based on every right answer and is deducted based on every wrong attempt.


The SAT Test can be applied by mail or online with the use of the credit card from the college board site. For international students various consultancies are available to give details and help in getting further details as well.


The SAT Tests are conducted seven times a year in the United States following the months of October, November, December, January, March, May, and June. The candidates belonging to the month of November, December, May, and June the tests are most likely to be conducted on the first Saturdays of the respective month. The SAT Test is offered on the same dates in other countries as well.


The SAT scores are provided online in approximately three weeks from the test date. The College Board can send the SAT scores to a maximum for 4 universities of the candidates choice for which the cost will be added to the SAT fee. The scores will be sent to the colleges in the SAT application form.

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