SAS Online Training

What is SAS?

Statistical analysis system (SAS) is the software around which whole analytics industry was built. Today it has 35% market share and is known as world's fastest and powerful statistical package for data analysis. It has become a business tool comprising of multi engine architecture for better data management, predictive modeling, data mining, econometric, time series analysis and reporting everything related to Data Analytics.  Whether it is Windows or UNIX, it can run on almost all the platforms.

Course Curriculum

The various topics taught under SAS are mentioned below:

  • Getting started with SAS systems
  • SAS exposure in organizations
  • Iterative processing on data
  • Utilities to manage and work with datasets
  • Relevant SAS base procedures
  • SAS/Macros
  • SAS data warehousing

Benefits of learning SAS:

Learning SAS benefits both the individuals as well as organizations. Some of them are:

  1. Increases your career opportunities and marketability.
  2. Enhances your credibility as a technical professional.
  3. Enhances your knowledge of SAS software.
  4. Helps you to earn industry validation (certifications) for your knowledge.
  5. SAS is considered as best technology in many industries and thus SAS professionals get higher salaries than others.

How to choose best online training center?

Individuals must browse for the different options and benefits of online training institutes. The qualitative search terms must include lecture notes, webinars, live access to teachers, real life assignments and most importantly those that are helping students get jobs after finishing the course are really important. The other prominent feature must be the duration and the fee structure. Once you find such institutes select one among them and enroll to become a certified SAS professional.

Duration and Price:

The course duration is for 3 to 4 weeks or for 40 hours. The individual can opt for online training either on week days or on weekends as per their convenience. Price varies when compared with different states and different online training institutes.

SAS Training Course Content

  • Basic Concepts
  • Referencing Files and Setting Options
  • Intro to SAS Programs
  • Creating List Reports
  • How to SAS Data Sets from Raw Data
  • DATA Step Processing
  • Reading Date and Time Values
  • Combining SAS Data Sets
  • Working with Variables
  • Working with Descriptive Statistics
  • SAS User Defined formats
  • Transforming Data with SAS Functions
  • Reporting in SAS-List Reports, Summary Reports, HTML Repots
  • Intro to PDV
  • Working with Do Loops
  • Processing Variables with Array
  • Reading data from external files

The SAS Interface