SAS CDM Online Training


The abbreviation of SAS CDM is Statistical Analysis Software of Clinical Data Management. SAS CDM is a tool specially used in clinical research to manage the clinical data. The collection of data gathered at investigator site is stored in CDMS (Clinical Data Management System). While managing the data, we as humans make mistakes. To reduce the chance of making errors, the CDMS is comprised of various means to verify the data.

Who can learn SAS CDM?

Any individual who is an IT professional or a student willing to enhance or upgrade skills in SAS clinical research can enroll in this training and take your career to the next level.

SAS CDM Course Content:

Each training institute will have different ways of teaching the subject while giving priority to different modules. The different modules required to become an SAS CDM professional includes the following:

Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Data Management
Module 2: Introduction to Clinical Research
Module 3: History and Regulation in Clinical Research
Module 4: CFR Annotation
Module 5: Data Base Design
Module 6: Data Dictionary Preparation
Module 7: Data Entry / Data Capture / CRF Tracking / Data Validation
Module 8: Data Cleaning by SAS 9.13
Module 9: Query / Discrepancy Management
Module 10: Safety Data management
Module 11: CDISC standards / 21 CFR Part 11
Module 12: QA / QC

Benefits of E-Learning:

Learning any online course will benefit both the individuals as well as the organizations. Some of the benefits to individuals are given below:

  • The online training enables to learn the course at individuals own comfort – home, office or café according to their wish.
  • 24/7 access is provided
  • Practice in your own SAS session
  • Enhance whatever you learn by practicing on mock data

Course duration and Price:

Before signing up in any online course one must browse regarding the course duration and fee structure of the institutes. The duration can be chosen by the individual comfort i.e. during weekdays or weekends. The duration usually takes 25-30 hours and accordingly the price varies.

SAS CDM Training Course Content

Clinical Trails and Clinical Data Management : 

  • 1.Phase trails: preclinical1,2,3 and 4
  • 2.Drug discovery and development
  • 3.ICH GCP
  • 4.Computer system validation
  • 5.21 CFR 11
  • 6.CRF designing
  • 7.Pharmacokinetics
  • 8.Pharmacovigilance
  • 9.Clinical data management process
  • 10.CDISC introduction
  • 11.CTM systems
  • 12.Data management plan

Sub Chapter

  • 1.General abbreviated terms
  • 2.Introduction to clinical trails
  • 3.Responsibilities of CRA
  • 4.Activities of CRA in house
  • 5.CRA monitoring
  • 6.Clinical trail monitoring
  • 7.Responsibilities of PI
  • 8.IRB
  • 9.Informed consent form
  • 10.ICH history
  • 11.GPC guidelines
  • 12.FDA history
  • 13.FDA guidelines
  • 14.IND,NDA reviews
  • 15.Clinical research study document
  • 16.CRF reviews and sample CRF’s
  • 17.CRF data submission
  • 18.CRF receiving
  • 19.Introduction to SAS in CDM

Components of SAS Different data types

  • 1.Base/SAS
  • 2.SAS/STAT
  • 3.SAS/Graph
  • 5.SAS procedures
  • 6.SAS Procedures
  • 7.SAS Macros
  • 8.SAS (working with sql)

Open clinical

  • 1.Data base design
  • 2.Protocol planning
  • 3.CRF Data entry
  • 4.Data management
  • 5.Study planning
  • 6.Study design
  • 7.Oracle clinical (overview)

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