SAP FSCM Online Training


The abbreviation of SAP FSCM is Financial Supply Chain Management. This module deals all about improving the efficiencies of the accounts receivable and accounts payable resulting in improvement of the business's cash flow.

SAP FSCM is known as a high level guide to the processes and the benefits leading to find ways of improving cash flow and providing the competitive edge against an organization’s competitors.

Course Curriculum

The modules of SAP FSCM includes all about financial management. Here are the different modules:

  1. Credit Management
  2. Cash and Liquidity Management
  3. Collections Management
  4. Dispute Management
  5. Treasury and Risk Management

SAP FSCM Benefits To Organizations:

The organizations that use SAP can get the benefits from FSCM in dealing the business issues such as:

  • As organizations will have plenty of customers contacting each customer to chase for payments is a troublesome issue.
  • Customer raised disputes against an invoice can be recorded and later they can track customer disputes and resolves the issue.
  • Ensure that the company provides significant mitigation for bad debt issues as it focuses on the credit limit that you provide to the customers.
  • Using internal and external factors, you can create your own rules to calculate a credit score against a customer.

Course Duration And Price:

Aspirants who do not have time to go for regular classes can join the online training institutes that offer flexible training as desired by the individuals. The duration and fee of the course varies with different institutes but one must browse or refer the seniors so that they can enroll in the best online training institute. The training duration usually takes 45 hrs of each Sub Module or 2 to 3 hours per day. Find out the best online training institute and become a SAP FSCM expert.

SAP FSCM Training Course Content

Dispute Management

  • Overview SAP Dispute Management
  • Process flow of Dispute Management
  • Financial Process Integration
  • Data Transfer
  • Dispute Case Details
  • Functions of SAP Dispute Management
  • Generic Functions of SAP Dispute Management
  • Customizing of SAP Dispute Management
  • Customizing of Process Integration
  • Processing of dispute through various business process
  • Integration with Biller Direct
  • Relative BADi implementations

Collections Management

  • Overview of SAP Collections Management
  • Functions of SAP Collections Management
  • Customizing of SAP Collections Management
  • Integration Collections Management and Dispute Management
  • Work list generation for collections process
  • Processing of receivable
  • Process of P2P, Resubmission, Contacts and Dispute Cases
  • Relative BADi implementations

Credit Management

  • Overview of SAP CR Management
  • Functions of SAP CR Management
  • Customizing of SAP CR Management
  • Relative BADi implementations