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SAP APO is an acronym for Systems Applications and Products with particular reference to the branch of this area of data processing known as Advanced Planning and Optimizer. This branch of computer applications offers unlimited benefits for streamlining business management and planning processes.

Benefits of Online SAP APO Training

This is a branch of computer applications that cannot be self-taught. Hence, it is important to get some sort of formal training. In this respect, one of the best ways to get substantially trained in SAP APO is through online modules. The benefits are as follows:

  • » Flexible timings
  • » Ease of repetition
  • » Data can be stored on the system
  • » Cost-effective
  • » Time saving
  • » Access to internet for reference

Course Details

The course material will be focused on the specialized planning component of SAP.  The topics covered in the course are:

  • » Various aspects of Supply Chain Management
  • » Data Integration of APO
  • » Evaluations and Solutions for Optimization
  • » Supply Chain Cockpit
  • » Planning and Delivery aspects in a Supply Network
  • » Demand Planning
  • » Planning and Scheduling Production
  • » Transportation Planning
  • » Global “Available-to-Promise”

Price Detail

The important aspect of getting trained on SAP APO online is obviously the price detail. In the US, the price for the online training is about $3,000 although it can be higher, depending on which site you register with.

How to choose best online training center?

If you browse the internet, you will find several sites which offer SAP APO online training. The important thing is to filter out a few sites which are capable of giving you a substantial training program. The best way of achieving this is to make a list of likely sites and then do a Google search on these sites. Pay special attention to the comments from people who are querying about these courses and the responses they get. You can also check out the comments of people who have done the course to get an indication of what to expect if you register with a particular site.


Now with these basic guidelines, you will be well-equipped to check out a suitable site for doing an online SAP APO training course.

Course Content

Demand Planning

  • » Introductions, APO Overview
  • » Overview of Demand Planning Concept
  • » Data mart, info-cubes & Demand Planning
  • » Planning area and Planning Books
  • » Macros & Notes
  • » Interactive Planning
  • » Statistical toolbox, Promotions and Life Cycle Planning
  • » Mass Processing and Release of Plans
  • » Exception Processing and Alert Generation

Supply Network Planning / (CIF)

  • » Overview of Supply Planning Concept
  • » Supply Planning, Interactive Supply Planning, Integration with other SCM components
  • » Planning Methods: Heuristics, Optimization & CTM
  • » Deployment
  • » Transport Load Builder
  • » Releasing Supply Plans to DP, PPDS, ECC
  • » CIF Core Interface : Introduction to Architecture of Integration
  • » Master Data, Integration to R/3
  • » Planning in ECC – APO with Integration Model Generation
  • » Initial & Change Transfers, Background Jobs
  • » Monitoring & Handling CIF Errors
  • » Comparison & Reconciliation

Global Available-to-Promise

  • » Overview of Availability Management in ECC-APO
  • » Principles and configuration of Availability Check
  • » Check using Product Allocations
  • » Advanced Methods
  • » Rule based Check
  • » Multi-Level ATP
  • » Explanation & Simulation Feature
  • » Global ATP/OPTP interface

Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling:

  • » Overview of PPDS, Prerequisites, Prod. Planning with ECC
  • » Master Data & Transaction data Integration with ECC, SNP, DP, GATP
  • » Demand Management, Requirements & Sales Orders in PPDS
  • » Production Planning Strategies (Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock)
  • » Planning Heuristics
  • » Capacity Requirements, Capacity Planning /
  • » Optimizer
  • » Exception Processing, Alert Generation
  • » Free Discussions, Questions
  • » Consulting Practice Planning
  • » Further Reference Sources
  • » Conclusion

Interview Questions

Below are some of SAP APO interview questions.

  • » How are the byproducts taken care of in subcontracting?
  • » How do you configure electronic bank statement?
  • » How do you configure manual bank statement?
  • » How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?
  • » How do you get the Sales Order (S.O) No. from the Delivery Order?
  • » How does the PO pick up the pricing schema?
  • » How does the system calculate taxes?
  • » How is bank reconciliation handled in SAP?
  • » How is scrap accounted in subcontracting?
  • » How the Price determination process works in SAP-MM?
  • » How to create Tax Calculation Procedure?
  • » How to integrate MM With Fico?
  • » In real time, How listing and exclusion is used ?
  • » In SAP-HR, What is the landscape of your project?
  • » Tell me about the subcontracting cycle.
  • » Tell me about the various movement types and usage.
  • » What are the activities we will do in SAP MM module implementation?
  • » What are the cutover activities performed infinal preparartion phase ?
  • » What are the fields in purchasing view?
  • » What are the manufacturing cost of a producting?
  • » What are the steps involved in consignment cycle?
  • » What are the support tickets given in SAP fico module? please give some examples.
  • » What are the types of inforecords?
  • » What are the types of special stocks available?
  • » What is an Open Item in SAP? How will you find an Open Item in SAP?
  • » What is difference between business area or cost centre?
  • » What is dunning?
  • » What is Legaccy System Migration Workbench? How it can be carried out in SAP SD?
  • » What is meant by access sequence? When it is used?
  • » What is meant by consignment stock?
  • » What is Ranking order in automatic payment programme ?
  • » What is SAP APO?
  • » What is the complete flow of the profit center accounting,and Internal orders in controlling
  • » What is the difference between a contract and a scheduling agreement?
  • » What is the difference between business area and profit center?
  • » What is the difference between profit center accounting and Profitability analysis ?
  • » What is the difference between stock transfer between two plants belongs to same company code and to that of different company code?
  • » What is the difference between updated project and end to end project. please explain
  • » What is the one full implementation of life cycle in SAP-BW.?
  • » What is the role of abapers? What is the Work Bench?
  • » What is the schema you use in Time Management?
  • » What is the work relation between SAP-MM, SD and fi/co modules?
  • » What is the work you have done in the MM module and what programs did you use for creating views in MM?

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