Santiago de Cuba Carnival 2016

Public celebrations of special occasions are famous around the world and Cuba is no exception. The Santiago de Cuba Carnival is one of the most famous, traditional and not to mention – the largest ever. One can be assured of an explosion of color, dance and contagious musical rhythms.

Santiago de Cuba Carnival History

July is the best time of year to visit this island nation – and get treated not just to history but also a fabulous blend of cultures – Caribbean and Latin American.

This was also the day when young Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries launched their attack on the Batista regime at the Army Barracks in the city of Santiago. It is the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution – so come prepared to take part in all the special events that are being planned and also all the celebrations.

Santiago is the second biggest city in Cuba – after the capital, Havana. It is also the most exotic with all the ethnic groups that have settled here over the centuries – African, Haitian, Spanish and Chinese, not to forget the indigenous people.

The mix of all these cultures is reflected in its cuisine, arts and most of all, music and dance.

Santiago de Cuba Carnival 2016 What to Expect

Expect to see colorful costumes and also participate in dance parties around the city at this particular time.

Most of the well known dance forms such as the Conga, Salsa and Rumba – originated in Santiago, Cuba. Quite a few musical groups and orchestras come to Santiago and liven up the atmosphere at the Carnival.

Cuba has a rich heritage in the arts and music – check out the official website to see what else is on offer and tour the country.

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