Sanja Matsuri 2016

The Sanja Matsuri is a religious festival – it also translates as “Three Shrine” Festival. It is one of three Shinto Festivals – the venue being the city of Tokyo. It is one of the biggest and is conducted at the Asakusa Shrine.

Sanja Matsuri Information

Observed by Tokyo
Type Religious
Significance Honors Hinokuma Hamanari, Hinokuma Takenari and Hajino Nakatomo, the three founders of Sensō-ji
Begins Saturday
Ends Monday
Date May 20 th to 22nd of  2016

Sanja Matsuri History

Japanese festivals have had a rich history for over a 1000 years and are celebrated in each of its provinces. Every province has its own festivals and events which are not known outside its boundaries.

The Sanja Matsuri is the most famous of them all and is celebrated across the nation. Mikoshi – or lacquered vehicles are used to carry the deities. The primary purpose of the procession is to bring blessings, prosperity and luck to the people who live in the area. This festival has been held every year for over 200 years.

Sanja Matsuri 2016 What to Expect

  • The parade route goes through all 44 districts of Asakusa. In this area of Japan, one can still see a lot of traditional homes and streets. Thousands of visitors flock this area during the Asakusa Festival.
  • During the festival, one can expect to see many portable shrines carried by men, women and children.
  • There are several floats carrying musicians who play the drums and also flutes. Many people also perform traditional dance in traditional clothing. The parade eventually finds its way to the Asakusa shrine where people say prayers and pay homage to the deities.
  • Only during this festival are the Yakuza allowed to display their tattoos openly. It is otherwise considered as against the law.
  • This festival offers a visual spectacle like nothing one has ever seen.
  • May is a great month to visit Japan – many people enjoy participating in the festivities.

Check out the official Tourist website to find out more information on how to get to the venue and what other activities are scheduled around this time of year.

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