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I'm pretty sure I'm not at war with myself.

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We can't allow domestic violence to become a campaign issue.

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The road to recovery is to stimulate small business and innovation by reducing taxation, regulation, and litigation.

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I know that there are many on the Space Coast who are already attempting to address job creation and I intend to support them in every way possible. I will be a hands-on participant.

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At an early age, I quit high school at 17 and joined the Air Force.

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I believe we should use all means necessary to prevent the acquisition or fabrication of nuclear weapons by countries or groups hostile to the U. S. We should act in concert with our allies who are similarly working to protect their countries.

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The federal and state governments should ban the use of taxpayer funds to support cloning and embryonic stem cell research.

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I have a proven record as an effective legislator, which I believe is my greatest asset.

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