San Fermin Festival 2016

This annual festival takes place in Pamplona, Spain – it is also known as the “Running of the Bulls”.

San Fermín Festival Information

Official Name San Fermín
Also Called Sanfermín, Sanfermines (plural)
Main Location Pamplona (Spain)
Begins 6th of July
Ends 14th of July

San Fermín Festival History

This festival is celebrated in honor of Saint Fermin – the patron saint of Navarra. The religious aspect has taken a back seat over the last few decades and has come to be better known as a gathering of people from all over the world. Parties, fun and frolic are what this festival is associated with.

San Fermín Festival What to Expect

The Encierro or “The Running of the Bulls” is at the heart of the San Fermin Fest – an unforgettable spectacle and unimaginable in any other part of the world. Getting the bulls from all over the region to the bullring was the original reason. It starts at the Calle Santo Domingo Corral at 8 AM – after two rockets are launched, the bulls are let out of their pens and they charge out into the waiting crowds. The run usually lasts under 5 minutes, but can take longer if any one of the bulls strays from the herd.

The prelude to this run is quite emotionally charged – the crowd asks the saint for his blessings and they start running when they hear the bulls coming. Experienced people take up positions along the route to help the runners to fan out and take the bulls towards the corral as fast as possible.

San Fermín Festival Precautions

This run is a great experience for all involved and can be risky. Some things for participants to keep in mind is that a good measure of physical fitness and agility is a must. Runners must also be able to keep a cool head.

This is quite a fun event for participants and spectators alike – so check out the official website for more information on accommodation, tickets, directions etc.

San Fermín Festival 2016 Schedule

Date Time Event
July 6th    Evening Vespers
July 7th   1st Bullrun/Encierro
July 7th   Riau Riau
July 6th-13th    Encierillo
July 6th-14th   Gigantes
July 7th-14th    Merienda in Bullring
July 8th-14th    Caldo Soup
July 14    Closing Ceremony- Pobre de Mí

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