Sam Houston Birthday (March 2nd)

Sam Houston Birthday (March 2nd)


Samuel Houston was among the most controversial and colorful figure of US history. Born in the year 1793, he was indeed a great 19th century American statesman, politician and soldier. He is probably the most colorful ornament in the entire Texas history.

Place of Birth

Sam Houston was born in Rockbridge Country, Virginia, a state on the Atlantic coast of United States of America.

Personal details & Career

Sam Houston was one of nine children of Major Samuel Houston and Elizabeth Paxton. After receiving some basic education he immigrated with his family to Maryville, Tennessee following the death of his father in 1807. But with the start of 2nd war with United Kingdom, he was enlisted into the 7th regiment of infantry to fight in the war. After receiving 3 mortal wounds, in the Horseshoe Bend battle, he promoted to first lieutenant just before his resignation in the year 1818 to study further in the field of law. After six months of study, Houston passed the Nashville bar exam. Then he opened a legal practice in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Samuel Houston became attorney general of the Nashville district and in 1823 he contested for the public office and won it convincingly and further he  was elected for the US Congress. In 1827 Houston declined to run for re-election to congress and again he was re-elected by a huge majority. At this particular time he was forced to marry 18years old Eliza Allen that ended very unfavorably. He resigned from politics and went back to his old time friends, Cherokees and here he married a widow called Tiana Rogers Gentry. 1833 onwards he became the most crucial figure of Texas politics. In 1837 he became the 1st president of the Texas Republic. In the year 1839-40 he held the position in the congress. In 1841 he was re-elected as the president of Texas. Later in the year 1859, he was convincingly elected as the Governor of Texas. he is the only person in US history to become the governor of two different states. His public service ended in 1861. He died in the month of July of year 1863.


In a single life Sam Houston achieved so much that it can seem to be a dream to many person. He served his country as a soldier where he had fought battle. He studied law and practices successfully. Then he started his life as a politician and served his state as president and then on as a governor. So this man indeed accomplished a lot in his life.


Sam Houston became the first president of Texas and then became the governor of the state which itself is a great award. Apart from that, many statues, monuments and museums are made all over Texas and America to salute the contribution of this great statesman, politician and above all a very good human being.