Sally Ride Day 2017

Sally Ride Day is celebrated on May 26th every year to honor Ms. Sally Ride, the first American Lady to go to space. May 26th is the birthday of Ms. Sally Ride.


Sally Ride Day originated to honor America’s first women in Space. Dr. Sally Ride became the first American lady to go to outer space as an astronaut on Shuttle Challenger STS-7.

How to Celebrate

Sally Ride Day is celebrated by learning more about Dr. Sally Ride.  So, here we provide you a little information about Dr. Sally Ride. She was born on 26th May 1951. She was keen on pursuing her career as a Tennis player and dropped out of college to become a professional tennis player but it did not work out the way she wanted. She resumed her education and in 1977 she applied to NASA’s advertisement to become an astronaut. In 1978 she underwent an extensive training which she completed in August, 1979. Sally Ride achieved the feat of becoming the first American Women astronaut to be in space in the year 1983 by onboarding the space shuttle Challenger. She went as a mission specialist aboard STS-7 which was launched from Kennedy Space Station. During her career as an astronaut, Dr. Sally Ride spent a total of 343 hours in space.

Sally Ride Day 2017