Safer Internet Day 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017 is on February 7th.


Safer Internet Day (SID) aims to promote safe and responsible use of internet and mobile phones and create awareness among public about how to stay protected online.  This campaign was started by Insafe network in February 2004 as a part of European SafeBorders project and later became an annual landmark event all over the globe.  Today Insafe consists of almost 30 safer Internet centers and committees worldwide and carries out global awareness programs, helplines, hotlines and youth panels in more than 90 countries.

What is Insafe?

How safe are we while browsing the internet? It is very difficult to answer because of the increasing web threats and cyberbullying. To protect the young people and children from using the harmful and illegal content online, Election commission has established Safer Internet programme in 1999, under the control of Directorate General for Information. Many public organizations and educational institutions across European Union member states offered their support to this campaign largely and later on in the year 2004, Insafe was launched to monitor the activities of Safer Internet programme and promote the safety online campaigns.

What should we do on Safer Internet day?

Safer Internet Day is to encourage users to connect respectfully with each other and make them feel responsible for their actions online. The theme of this day emphasizes users’ rights and responsibilities towards online safety and point outs the role of adults in educating the children. To extend your support for Safer Internet Day,

  • Register yourself with Insafe and obtain SID resource kits.
  • Be a part of this campaign and try to attend or organize an event on internet security.
  • Spread the word and organize campaigns in schools, colleges, offices etc.
  • Explain children and youngsters about the internet and its safety use.
Safer Internet Day 2017