Rutland Halloween Parade

The Rutland Halloween Parade is an annually occasion celebrated in the city of Rutland, Vermont since 1960. And the parade has a burly superhero theme. It has been surrounding for several comic book adventures. And local officials preserve that it is the longest and largest running Halloween parade in United States.


Tom Fagan, a novelist and comic book admirer, is accredited with having hand in parade's early expansion and superhero theme. In accordance with 22nd October, 2006 article through Boston Globe journalist Peggy Shinn, "He was friends with many comic book authors and artists, most of who hailed from New York. Fagan persuaded some of them to take part in the Rutland Halloween Parade in comic book character costumes. In 1965, the local newspaper reported that the Joker, Plastic Man, and Dr. Strange were wandering in the streets of Rutland, beside with Batman. Many of  comic book heroes appears every year..." and comic book maker known to have concentrated the parade in past comprise Marv Wolf man, Steve Englehart, Bernie Wrightson, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Wendy and Richard Pini, Alan Weiss, Len Wein, Dave Cockrum and Dennis O'Neil.

Appearances in comics

In 1970s, the Rutland Halloween Parade got a degree of prominence when it was used as setting of numerous superhero comic books  includes Justice League of America #103, Amazing Adventures #16, DC Super-Stars #18, Freedom Fighters #6, Avengers # 83 and #119, Avengers # 83 and #119, Doctor Spektor #18, The Mighty Thor #207, and Batman #237. Fagan was himself marked as a main character in several these stories, generally portrayed as an associate of title characters. Owing to the nature of deception parade, these concerns frequently saw people dressed as Marvel Comics heroes emerging in DC Comics pamphlets and vice versa, attributing some of unofficial intercompany crossovers in comics.

Over the Christmas-New Year time in 1972/73, Len Wein, Gerry Conway and Steve Englehart formed a loose 3-division story spanning titles from both corporations. Each comic attributed Conway, Englehart, and Wein (and Wein's first wife Glynis) related with Marvel, Tom Fagan and DC villains (and heroes). And the beginning in Amazing Adventures #16 (by Englehart with art through Frank McLaughlin and Bob Brown) the Beast hitches an outing from Englehart, who is driving Weins and Conway to Rutland. And the story ends following Juggernaut efforts to whip Englehart's car, although it is pulled over through the police. And in the 3rd part of unofficial crossover, Thor #207, (by Vince Colletta, Conway, and John Buscema), 3 comics makers (and one wife) again visit Fagan, all through which visit Englehart's car is stolen through unmentioned and unseen DC villain Felix Faust, as shown in JLA #103.

In the year of 1986, the parade emerged in Thunder bunny #5. In recent times, the parade was attributed in Marvel Comic's Generation X #22 and Super boy and Ravers #16 from DC Comics.

After Fagan

Although Tom Fagan is no longer unswervingly occupied in the scheduling of parade, the admired occasion continues to this day, commemorating its 49th anniversary in 2008. Tom attended 2006 parade, sitting with judges with his private assistant. On 21st October, 2008, Fagan expired. An article praising Fagan in Rutland Herald stated "Without Tom, there wouldn't be a Halloween parade in Rutland... That's his legacy."