Russian Cosmonaut Day 2017

Significance of Russian Cosmonaut Day

Russia celebrates 12th of April as the Russian Cosmonaut Day; the day space witnessed its first man­-made flight by Yuri Gagarin. This historical day occurred in 1961 when Gagarin looped around the Earth for one hour and forty eight minutes in Vostok 1 spacecraft.

Concurrently, 12th of April is also the birthday of first space shuttle launch. Russian Cosmonaut Day was officially declared as a National day on April 9, 1962 by Soviet Union. Russians celebrate this day according to Article 1.1 of “On the Days of Military Glory and the Commemorative Dates in Russia” law.

How to celebrate Russian Cosmonaut Day

We can celebrate this remarkable day organizing a science day with family and friends. Activities cum assignments can be assigned to kids asking them to present a report about Russian Cosmonaut Day.

Facts about Russian Cosmonaut Day

An unknown fact about Russian Cosmonaut Day is that on this day, the launch of first ever space shuttle shares its anniversary.

Things to do on Russian Cosmonaut Day

To commemorate this day, we can visit science museums, or organize a science fair at home giving out presentations and documentaries about this remarkable historical day.

Russian Cosmonaut Day 2017