Rubin Carter

Rubin Carter

Rubin Carter was an American boxer who was wrongly sentenced for a murder and later freed after facing almost two decades of imprisonment. He was twice wrongfully convicted of a triple murder and imprisoned. During the mid-1970s his case became so famous and was a hot topic of discussion among politicians and entertainers. He was released at last in the year 1985. Warner books published his biography with the tile of The Sixteenth Round in 1975.

Birth: He was born on May 6, 1937 in Clifton, New Jersey and passed away on April 20, 2014 due to prostate cancer.


He was sent to the juvenile rehabilitation centre because he stabbed a man with knife at the age of 11. He claimed that this man was a pedophile and tried to molest one of his friends and that is why he took that serious action. After this he ran away from the reformatory and went to join the army. He got selected there and served for some time.


He got the basic education in the nearby places. He studied the subjects at college level but his interest was more into hard sports like boxing. He was not fortunate enough to get formal education in colleges and universities.


He was released from the imprisonment in the year of 1961 and after that he selected to become a professional boxer. He was not very tall but he managed to fight throughout his career. He was very aggressive in the ring and was very popular for his strong punches. He defeated number of middle weight fighters like Gomeo Brenan, Holley Mims, Florentino Fernandez and became a crowd puller.


Rubin became very famous with the nickname of “Hurricane” among the boxing community. In the year 1963 he fought six times and won most of the fights. After that the whole boxing world started noticing him seriously. He became the most reputed boxer in most of the boxing association. He made a record 27 wins and meager 12 losses. Though he fought many other fights also where he stood at draws and knockouts took place. He received harmony title belt from World Boxing Council in 1993. Many small boxing clubs called him as an honorary visit for the encouragement of the new players. He chaired many of the associations and international clubs in his entire career and offered his best services to the domain. The way his achievements are numerous and must be seen with utmost honor.


Rubin Carter got many recognitions and awards at national and international level in the field of boxing. He became Hall of Fame for the New Jersey Location. He had been made the chairman of many boxing associations as an honorary guest. His story was penned in the form of novel called The Devil’s Stockings by Nelson Algren. In the year 1975 the famous song Hurricane Carter was also composed and appeared in 1978 movie Renaldo and Clara. He also received many other appreciations and award from other agencies.