Royal Ascot 2016

Royal Ascot is easily one of the most famous social events in the United Kingdom. It is the pinnacle of the summer social events – in the spectacular setting of the race course. It is one of the must go to events of the year – people come out to enjoy the history and pageantry of this particular event.

Royal Ascot Information

Location Ascot, Berkshire
Coordinates 51°24′58″N 0°40′37″W
Owned by Ascot Racecourse Ltd
Date Opened 11 August 1711
Screened On At The Races
Course Type Flat
National Hunt
Notable Races The Gold Cup

History of the Royal Ascot Event

The Royal Ascot as a venue has a rich heritage – it has been in existence for over 300 years. It is not only a national institution but also a centerpiece on most social calendars. It is also known for being the ultimate venue for the very best racehorses from around the world.

Queen Anne saw the potential in the Ascot area to set up a race course. The very first race was held in 1711 and there were 7 horses in the race that year. Now a race is held in her memory – the Queen Anne Stakes.

Until 2001, the Ascot was a private company. In 2002, to redevelop the Course, it was incorporated as the Ascot Racecourse Ltd. – and charged with the responsibility of maintaining and running the place. Queen Elizabeth takes a keen interest in the races as an owner.

Royal Ascot 2016 Events

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Royal Ascot 2016 Tickets

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Royal Ascot Interesting Facts

  • Over half a million people visit the races every year.
  • It is considered a tough course – especially the fences which are about 73 feet from the lowest to the highest points.
  • It covers over 170 acres – not including the car and coach parking areas.
  • The grass is kept at a 4” height for racing and 5” for jump racing – all regulated by the ground staff.
  • It also has reservoirs on the premises which collect rain water – it is a premier example of green friendly policies.
  • The facilities at the Ascot are available through out the year for various events like conferences, banquets, dinners etc.
  • The dress code is very strict and people are expected to come dressed formally.

Check the official website for more information on directions, dress codes, ticket prices, dates, participants etc.

Royal Ascot 2015 Tickets

Grandstand Admission

Grandstand Admission Individual Ticket Price

Early Booking Discount (Ends 6pm,
Fri 26th April)

10 to 48 tickets
49+ tickets
Tues 18th June £62 £52 £47 £43
Wed 19th June £62 £52 £47 £43
Thurs 20th June £73 £73 £66 £62
Fri 21st June £73 £63 £56 £50
Sat 22nd June £75 £75 £66 £62

Silver Ring

The Silver Ring Individual Ticket Price Early Booking Discount(Ends 6pm,
Friday 26th April)
10 to  48 tickets
49+ tickets
Tues 18th June £20 £17 £16 £15
Wed 19th June £20 £17 £16 £15
Thurs 20th June £30 £30 £26 £23
Fri 21st June £30 £24 £22 £19
Sat 22nd June £35 £35 £30 £27

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