Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson

Eric Hilliard Nelson is known as Ricky Nelson and later he got popularity as Rick Nelson also. He was an American musician, singer and song writer. He enacted in some film also as an actor like Rio Bravo (1959) and others. He was seen in some television series also. He died in the year of 1985 in an air accident.

Birth: Ricky Nelson got birth on May 8, 1940 in Teaneck, New Jersey. He was the second son of his parents who were running their own musical band.


Ricky was not very good in health conditions in his childhood. He was facing the problem of acute asthma. He was a bit different from his friends in his behavior and nature. People described him as shy and secretive person. He was a bit introvert and loved to go by instructions. His teachers and seniors always found him obedient and sincere in his assignments.


He got good education and went to various schools like Gardener Street Public School, Hollywood High School. He completed his graduation with an average marks but his acumen was always very good for creative things. He was a sports lover also and participated actively in various competitions held in the college. Once he showed too much aggressiveness on the field and people felt he was wild. He then had been black listed from the other events in the colleges, though he was good in extracurricular activities.


Ricky started his career with musical bands and starter as guitarist. His father helped him in publishing his first album. In 1957 his father helped him to get a 5 year deal with the reputed band Imperial Record which offered him song selections and other production related support. In the time duration of 1958 to 1959 Ricky became very famous and recorded 12 back to back hit numbers with Persley’s eleven.


In addition to the musical career Ricky became active in various film related activities also. He enacted in many movies like Rio Bravo, The Wackiest Ship in army. These were considered to be the great western classic of all times. He was empanelled to many musical chairs as an expert musician and offered his services to many organizations. In his memory several musical celebrations are been held in parts of the world.


He got much recognition and appreciations like:

  1. He was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 and was also awarded as Rockabilly Hall of Fame in the same year. The Hollywood Walk of Fame was his title at 1515 Vine Street.
  2. Ricky earned a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album with his musical participants.
  3. He appeared in the in the list of 100 Greatest Artist of All Times by Rolling Stone in the remarkable year 2004.
  4. He was also been acknowledged the Palm Spring, California, Walk of Star in 1994 by Golden Palm.
  5. After his death also he has been included in many lists of renowned artists and successful persons.

Eric Hilliard Nelson Quotes

To reminisce with my old friends, a chance to share some memories, and play our songs again.
- Ricky Nelson

They all knew my name, but no one heard the music - I didn't look the same.
- Ricky Nelson

Just believe in what you're doing, and keep doing it.
- Ricky Nelson

You can't please everyone so you gotta please yourself.
- Ricky Nelson