Richard Milhous Nixon Biography

Richard Milhous Nixon Biography

Early Life of Richard Milhous Nixon

Born in Yorba Linda, California, Richard Milhous Nixon served the United States as 37th President from 1969 to 1974.  He graduated from Duke University School of Law in 1937 and came back to California to practice law.

Beginning of Political Career of Richard Milhous Nixon

Nixon's political career started in 1947 after becoming an elected member of House of Representatives. By 1952, he reached the Senate and was selected by Dwight Eisenhower to be his running mate in the election of president. Nixon was involved in a scandal and delivered a popular television address that is known as the Checkers Speech.

Rivalry, Set Backs and Wins in Politics

Nixon served for eight years as Vice-President under Eisenhower. Nixon and Eisenhower were never close to each other. Richard Milhous Nixon got nomination of Republican Party but was closely defeated by John F. Kennedy in 1960.

By 1968 he was once again nominated by the Republican Party and this time he defeated Democrat Hubert Humphrey and became 37th President on January 20, 1969. In the same year, he manifested his attitude to America’s future through his famous Silent Majority speech.

Nixon was re-elected in a triumph in 1972, beating Senator George McGovern, and was sworn in for a next term on January 20, 1973. After becoming second time president, he declared an agreement to end the Vietnam War within a couple of days.

Scandal Associated with Richard Milhous Nixon

Nevertheless, in the beginning of 1973, the infamous Watergate scandal was unearthed and the following eighteen months were spent to suppress revelations and a face legal fight between the Executive arm of government and the Congress and the Supreme Court.

Nixon faced impeachment by the House of Representatives when he resigned in August 1974, the maiden President ever to do so.

Last Days of Richard Milhous Nixon

After his resignation, Nixon spent all his efforts and time to resurrecting his public reputation. He authored a number of books and travelled extensively.

Richard Nixon died in 1994 and his funeral was conducted on April 27 at the Richard Nixon Library and his Birthplace, Yorba Linda, California. Accolades were delivered by Dr. Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State, Dr, Billy Graham the spiritual leader, and Pete Wilson, the then Governor of California. He also received President Bill Clinton’s praises. He was flanked by all the surviving former Presidents, but Reagan. Probably the most remarkable tribute was paid by the man who was Chairman of the Republican Party during Nixon's term, Senator Bob Dole.

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