What is RICA Test

“RICA” stands for “Reading Instruction Competence Assessment”. This test is important for two kinds of candidates. The first being for individuals who want to teach in elementary school and are seeking “Multiple Subjects Credential”. The other set of people are those seeking “Educational Specialist Credential” which requires them to teach special education classes. The RICA Test falls under the administration of the “National Evaluation System”. The exam consists of 1 lengthy case study question, 4 constructed response type questions and 70 multiple choice question as well.

The RICA Test is categorized into two forms – a “Written Examination” and a “Video Performance Assessment”. The main purpose of the RICA Test is to ensure that every teacher can be effective in teaching their students how to read.


For the eligibility factor in the RICA Test the candidates should take the test if their purpose matches that of the requirements mentioned below. If it still isn't clear the RICA site provides the candidate the chance to communicate with a CTC to help clear the doubts.

Requirements / Qualifications

The requirements for a candidate to take the RICA Test are that he/she should have completed either “Multiple Subject Teaching Credential” or “Education Specialist Instruction Credential” programs which accredited by any college, university or district intern programs in California.

Based on Sections 44283 and 44283.2 of the California Education Code the groups of applicants that are required to pass the RICA Test are:

  • Candidates trained in California in Multiple Subject Teaching Credential which is either preliminary or clear, either from an intern program or from an applicable private school with an experience of 3 or more years.
  • Candidates trained in California in Education Specialist Instruction Credentials either level I or level II.


Preparation for the RICA Test is made very easy since a lot of sites have information and material laid out for individuals to go through. Apart from this test, papers are also available online for the candidates to go through and have a picture of how the test might be. Sites with private tutors for the RICA Test are available as well. If all this isn't enough, there are various people who have taken the the RICA test and share their experiences and materials as well. All of this can be easily found online.


The scoring for the written test are categorized in various sections.

  • Planning, Organizing, and Managing Reading Instruction Based on Ongoing Assessment (10%)
  • Word Analysis (33%)
  • Fluency (13%)
  • Vocabulary, Academic Language, and Background Knowledge (20%)
  • Comprehension (23%)


To apply for the computer based test candidates can register online. However, it is helpful for them to do so 3 days before the test as the seats are limited and the later a candidate registers the lesser are his chances of getting a seat.

As for the Video Performance Assessment candidates can register in June, the dates might vary from year to year and hence it is important that the candidates keep themselves updated to the site to know the exact time of the test.


The dates for the RICA Test are already determined and are updated online at the site.


Once the candidate submits his / her 3 video packet, a notification will be sent to them acknowledging the fact that the videos have been received and along with that the date of the score report will be mentioned.

RICA Test Dates 2015

March 20, 2015 April 10, 2015
June 19, 2015 July 10, 2015

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