Rene Descartes Birthday (March 31st)

Rene Descartes Birthday (March 31st)

Rene Descartes is considered as the “Father of Modern Philosophy” he is considered as one of the France greatest and influential mathematician, philosopher, writer and scientist. He is also known as father of “Modern Mathematics”, his contribution to mathematics is invaluable, in the year 1637 he combined geometry and algebra and thus formed a new branch of Mathematics, which later on named after him as Cartesian coordinate geometry. Rene Descartes was considered as the most important part for scientific revolution.

Rene Descartes was born in March 31, 1596 in the southern part of France, Rene Descartes belonged from a very prominent family, his father Joachim Descartes, was highly distinguished Intellectual and councillor in the Parliament. His father made sure that his son gets a very good learning atmosphere. At the age of eight years, Rene Descartes studied grammar, literature, mathematicsand science. He joined Jesuit college of Henri IV in the city of La Fleche but soon Rene has to leave La Fleche for studying Law. In the year 1616 Rene earned his licentiate and baccalaureate in Law. Besides studying Law, he also took immense interest in studying theology, medicine and Philosophy.

In the year 1622, Rene Descartes came back to France from Germany, his next few years were spent in Paris and different cities of Europe, and finally Rene Descartes returned to La Haye in the year 1623 where he sold his entire property and invested the returns in bonds, which later on resulted in a comfortable life for Descartes.

In the year 1628, he moved to Republic of Dutch and lived there for next 21 years. In Dutch Republic, Rene first taught in the Franker University in the year 1629 and after spending one year there he moved to the Leiden University.

As far as Rene Descartes life is concerned, in Amsterdam he was involved in a relation ship with Helene Jans, a servant, they have a baby girl as well which was born in the year 1635. At that time Rene taught in the University of Utrecht. During his last days he had to shift to Sweden to teach Philosophy to the Queen Christiana. There he really had bad times as he was fond of spending his morning time in bed, but the queen happened to be an early riser and preferred to study in the morning. This new morning schedule did not helped the Rene and his fragile health and soon he was infected with pneumonia and this later on became the cause for his death in the year 1650.

Rene Descartes wrote many greatest books on different subjects, some of his books are:

  • Regulate ad directional in genii (Rules for the Direction of the Mind). Published after 34 years of his death in the year1684.
  • La Géométrie (Geometry). Descartes' most important work in the field of mathematics
  • .
  • The Description of the Human Body. It was published posthumously.
  • Responsiones Renati Des Cartes… (Conversation with Burman). Detail of Q&A session between Frans Burman and Descartes on April 16, 1648.
  • Les passions de l'âme (Passions of the Soul). This book was a tribute to Elizabeth the Princess of Bohemia.