Remembrance Day Activities & Celebrations

Remembrance Day is observed on 11th November every year to commemorate the sacrifices of life made by armed forces and civilians since the First World War. First World War was ended by signing of the armistice by the Germans at the 11th hour on 11th day of the 11th month in the year 1918. Remembrance Day is observed in the commonwealth countries and celebrated as a holiday to remember the members of armed forces and civilians who were killed during the First World War. Remembrance Day is also call armistice day since armistice was signed on this day with Germany which marked the end of world war. It is also known as poppy day because poppy wreath is used to commemorate the dead soldiers.

Remembrance Day Activities & Celebrations in Common Wealth Nations:

Australia: In Australia, Remembrance Day is observed on 11th November but it is not a public holiday. The Remembrance Day services starts at 11 AM with the sound of the “last post” followed by one minutes of silence.

Canada: In Canada, Remembrance day is a declared public holiday (except in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba). The national celebration is held at National War Memorial, Ottawa which is presided by the Governor General of Canada. After all the delegates arrive, the ceremony is started by singing of the Canadian National Anthem followed by the bugling of “Last post” accompanied by a gun salute. The end of two minutes silence is signaled by another gun shot followed by playing of “the rouse”. Remembrance Day is also celebrated in the schools wherein they usually hold assemblies for the first half of the day.

United Kingdom: In United Kingdom, Remembrance Day is observed by observing two minutes of silence on 11th November, but the main ceremony is organized on the second Sunday of November.  In United Kingdom, poppy wreaths are laid on war memorials that commemorate the sacrifices made by the armed forces. The event is started by a cannon fire and ended also by a cannon fire. In United Kingdom, the two minute silence is observed not only at war memorials but also in churches, offices and schools. The national commemoration is held at Whitehall, Central London.

Hong Kong: Although Hong Kong ceased to be a common wealth nation in 1997, Remembrance Day is still celebrated in Hong Kong in a similar fashion as it is observed in the commonwealth nations. In Hong Kong, Remembrance Day is not a public holiday and is observed as multi-faith ceremony. Hong Kong police force pipe band still performs at the ceremony. Remembrance Day is observed even by churches and other religious institutions.

Remembrance Day Activities & Celebrations