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Drawings help people to work out intricate relationships between parts. - Christopher Alexander , Architect

Humans are a social animal. We cannot live in isolation. Relationships are an integral part of our life. Throughout our life we share associations with a number of people – our partner, our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters, our grandparents, our relatives, our friends, our teachers, our colleagues, our neighbors, to name a few. Relationships quotes highlight the importance of these relationships in our life.

Relationships give us support when we are in distress, multiply our happiness, and teach us to be sharing, forgiving and loving. We become better humans because of the associations that we share with others.

Every relationship needs to be nurtured and demands our time and effort. There are some relationships that offer us love, satisfaction and ultimate solace. There are also relationships that cause us pain and suffering. With the help of relationships quotes, we learn to divert our attention to the ones that are worthy of our time and effort. We must not ignore certain relationships and take them for granted as we may lose them. Our life may turn upside down in the absence of certain relationships.

There is not enough celebration of companionship. Relationships aren't just about eroticism and sexuality. - Francesca Annis , Actress

I treat my relationships like marriages. The ceremony isn't that important to me. - Charlize Theron

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The payouts for starting a business are just terrible when you account for risk. A tiny minority of entrepreneurs ever get rich. And the majority of entrepreneurs would probably make far more money, and have more stable personal relationships, if they just worked for someone else. - Michael Arrington , Businessman

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I try to construct a picture in which shapes, spaces, colors, form a set of unique relationships, independent of any subject matter. At the same time I try to capture and translate the excitement and emotion aroused in me by the impact with the original idea. - Milton Avery, Artist

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With 'The Vampire Diaries,' it's not just a tease, especially with the relationships. You're not sitting there going, 'God, I wish they'd get it over with and kiss!' There's no teasing, they jump right into the action. - Candice Accola, Actress

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Using the device of an imaginary world allows me in some strange way to go to the central issues - it's one of many ways to express feelings about real people, about real human relationships. - Lloyd Alexander , Writer

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I look for an interesting and often times, fresh character. Something different that what is done all the time or than I've done recently. I look at who is directing. Those two variables as well as a third, which is the content and the quality of the screenplay. I look at the arcs of the scenes and characters and relationships. - William Baldwin, Actor

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Knots was about the relationships that were built over many years. - Joan Van Ark , Actress

It's really a sad story, and I liked that. The songs on this album talk about relationships in every aspect. - Aaliyah, American Musician

Creative people don't behave very well generally. If you're looking for examples of good relationships in show business, you're gonna be depressed real fast. I don't have time for anything else right now but work and my daughter. She's my first priority. - Jim Carrey

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When you write an album and you're writing about relationships, the stuff that I've been through in my relationships, 99 percent of it is really good, but it's that one percent that always inspires you to write a song. - Kris Allen , Musician

I think there comes a point in probably most father-son relationships where the son kind of starts becoming the parent. - Francois Arnaud , Actor

Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others. - Wayne Dyer , Psychologist

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Relationships based on obligation lack dignity. - Wayne Dyer , Psychologist

My relationships with my cats has saved me from a deadly, pervasive ignorance. - William S. Burroughs, Writer

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I have advice for people - period - who are in unhealthy relationships: Follow your heart. It will get you to where you need to be. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy, the places that your heart takes you. But continue to follow it. Where the train leads you - you'll get there. - Erykah Badu, Musician

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My writing has a lot to do with who I am, and what my life is like, and my relationships to people. - Paul Thomas Anderson, Director

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I call myself taking control of a situation, but sometimes you really have to learn to humble yourself and to submit yourself. I'm not really good with submission, so that's the part of marriage and relationships that I've found very hard to deal with. - Tichina Arnold , Actress

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I have a tendency to go through my life at full speed and as a one-man band, and so I don't generally stop and take in other people enough to develop many relationships. I'm starting to regret that a bit. I want to change it. - Gillian Anderson, Actress

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We had many good directors - John Carpenter, Brian De Palma - but things have become polluted by business, money and bad relationships. The success of the horror genre has led to its downfall. - Dario Argento , Director

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But my answer to that question would have to be, aside from the obvious, which is the people and the relationships that you garner over a long period of time but the catering. The catering. They're the best. So it's the food. - Richard Dean Anderson, Actor

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Whether via social media or in person, building your relationships is a long-term process, and the ultimate goal is to strengthen your network one person at a time. - Raymond Arroyo , Author

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The intricacies, the problems, the trials and tribulations in relationships inspire me to give words to people's journeys. - Umera Ahmad , Author

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I'm making a movie about relationships, and I'm surrounded by guys scared of talking to girls. - Judd Apatow , Director

Drawings help people to work out intricate relationships between parts. - Christopher Alexander , Architect

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My illness has taught me something about the nature of humanity, love, brotherhood and relationships that I never understood, and probably never would have. So, from that standpoint, there is some truth and good in everything. - Lee Atwater, Politician

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For this reason, the expansion of relations with all countries is on the agenda of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I mean balanced relationships, based on mutual respect and observation of each other's rights. - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , Statesman

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Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships. - Ansel Adams, American Photographer

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Even prior to marriage and motherhood, it's always been about prioritising and focusing on what you can commit to. That's been my approach to every aspect of my life, be it my relationships or my professional commitments. - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Indian Actress

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A cardinal principle of Total Quality escapes too many managers: you cannot continuously improve interdependent systems and processes until you progressively perfect interdependent, interpersonal relationships. - Stephen Covey, Businessman

My songs have always been frustrating themes, relationships that I've had. And now that I'm in love, I expect it to be really happy, or at least there won't be half as much anger as there was. - Kurt Cobain , Musician

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Yes, for a long time but I admired her and respected everything that I could sort of see in her from a distance, the pillars of her life, the loyalties, the relationships. It all got my interest and also the looks. - Andre Agassi, American Athlete

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When violence becomes imbedded in a region, then this affects everything. It affects your dreams, your fantasies and relationships, and your religion becomes violent, too. - Karen Armstrong , Writer

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If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy. And then I don't know what I'll do. Get married. Have some kids. Plant a nice vegetable patch. - Adele, English Musician

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I really think that there was a great advantage in many ways to being a woman. I think we are a lot better at personal relationships, and then have the capability obviously of telling it like it is when it's necessary. - Madeleine Albright , Statesman

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After 35, I felt like I'd been in these relationships; some were great, some weren't so great, but they weren't right partnerships. - Essence Atkins, Actress

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I think the personal relationships I established mattered in terms of what I was able to get done. And I did bring women's issues to the center of our foreign policy. - Madeleine Albright , Statesman

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One of my favorite things about 'Star Trek' wasn't just the overt banter but the humor in that show about the relationships between the main characters and their reactions to the situations they would face; there was a lot of comedy in that show without ever breaking its reality. - J. J. Abrams, Director

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I went into show business because I love to work with people, and what I enjoy most about acting is rehearsing and getting to know people and their talents, forming relationships. Working in this business, barriers drop and you get into people real quickly. - Scott Bakula, Actor

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Almost all of our relationships begin and most of them continue as forms of mutual exploitation, a mental or physical barter, to be terminated when one or both parties run out of goods. - W. H. Auden, Poet

Friend, there's no greater investment in life than in being a people builder. Relationships are more important than our accomplishments. - Joel Osteen

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I've really never written about my relationships, or things like that. I wouldn't want to divulge things that were too private. - Jonathan Ames, Author

I don't know why I always end up talking about my relationships. I try not to. - David Arquette , Actor

In the sudden absence of husbands, fathers, brothers and beaus, white Southern women discovered a newfound freedom - one that simultaneously granted them more power in relationships and increased their likelihood of heartbreak. - Karen Abbott, Author

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We believe content relationships are compelling draws even where paid-TV-provided guides are prevalent, such as here in the United States. - Alfred Amoroso, American Businessman

Relationships are about helping motivate each other to be all that you can be. - David Archuleta , Musician

I have strong interests in supporting sport, primarily football, and also in developing cultural relationships within national communities and their diasporas, with special reference to Ethiopia. - Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, Businessman

Given political history in Chile, it seemed to me that there was a critical task of consolidating a democracy and creating healthy civic-military and political-military relationships. - Michelle Bachelet, Politician

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I don't know what can be so dangerous about giving people hope. Causing people to have better relationships. I'm not leading them to some false God or something like that. - Joel Osteen

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You're going to see relationships with technology across anything that's brand. I don't care if that's in home or what you wear. I just think it's a new fact of life. - Angela Ahrendts , American Businesswoman

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I've worked all my life on the subject of awareness, whether it's awareness of the body, awareness of the mind, awareness of your emotions, awareness of your relationships, or awareness of your environment. I think the key to transforming your life is to be aware of who you are. - Deepak Chopra

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People need to know that they have all the tools within themselves. Self-awareness, which means awareness of their body, awareness of their mental space, awareness of their relationships - not only with each other, but with life and the ecosystem. - Deepak Chopra

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For thousands of years, human beings have been obsessed with beauty, truth, love, honor, altruism, courage, social relationships, art, and God. They all go together as subjective experiences, and it's a straw man to set God up as the delusion. If he is, then so is truth itself or beauty itself. - Deepak Chopra

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Wealth is the progressive realization of worthy goals, the ability to love and have compassion, meaningful and caring relationships. - Deepak Chopra

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Our minds influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences everything; perception, cognition, thoughts and feelings, personal relationships; they're all a projection of you. - Deepak Chopra

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