What Are the Reasons for USA B2 Visa Rejected

USA B2 Visa is a travel visa with which you can go to USA for a vacation. The validity of the visa is 6 months and you can stay in USA for this period. You can apply for a visiting visa every year for six months. You cannot apply for this visa if your application is already approved by the counsel. Before going to the visa interview you should be prepared with all your supporting documents and your passport. It is advisable to take along your travel itinerary so that it is clear that you are only going to USA for a vacation but for no other purpose.

Reasons for USA B2 VISA Rejection

Very rarely a B2 Visa application is rejected. There are only few definite reasons for a B2 Visa getting rejected. The following are the most common reasons why your application can be rejected.

  • If you have not provided proper supporting documents then the Counsel will reject your visa. This is because they need to know the exact information of the individual going to USA. Any misleading information or incomplete information will compel them to reject your application.
  • If the VISA officer is not convinced of your reasons to go to USA then your application is rejected. If the officer gets a doubt about your intentions of going to USA he would probe more in to the issue. Of you do not give convincing replies to his queries that would be the end of your interview. To get the B2 Visa you should be absolutely sure about your visit, how long it is going to be and what are the places you are going to visit over there. This is where your itinerary will help you.

There are many presumptions that your visa approval is based on the mood of the Visa officer. This is not true. These officers are trained to handle various clients and applicants. They do not make decisions of your visa application depending on the pervious applicant’s behavior. Therefore you go in confidently with all the necessary documents and answer confidently then your U.S visa is on your way.

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