What Are Reasons for USA L1 Visa Rejected

USA L1 Visa is the visa which is used for employees being transferred to America from anywhere in the world.  You need to be prepared with your documentation when you are going for the interview. You should be well aware of the company details in which you are working. Another important aspect is because this is a business visa you need to know perfectly about what your business deals with and what your role is in the whole program. If you do not have an idea about this point then it is better if you brush up your skills before attending the interview. 

There are no limitations for your visa application getting rejected. USA L1 visa application can be rejected for many reasons. Some of the well known reasons for the application getting rejected are given below. 
  • The company in which you are working or the company to which you are transferring is disqualified then your application is also rejected.
  • If the parent company is not in USA or if a non USA company is running a branch in America and the parent company is disqualified then your application will not get any approval. 
  • If the petition is found to be not genuine or there is a fraud in your application then your visa application is rejected.
  • Some applications are rejected under sections 212(a) of Immigration or Naturalization Act i.e. if the applicant does not provide sufficient documents then his USA L1 visa application is rejected. 

Never be under the misconception that your application is rejected due to the mood of the officer at USCIS. This is not at all true. The officers are trained officials who know how to deal with various moods. They interview millions of people around the year which gives them enormous experience various applications. It is very important for you to behave yourself and provide genuine information and give modest answers to the officer to whatever queries he has to ask you.

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