What Are Reasons For USA F1 Visa Rejected

USA F1 visa application is for students who like to study in USA. As the value of Masters in America is very high, most of the graduates from across the world like to study in USA. There are many applications which pour into a US consulate everyday for F1 visa. The student who wants to study in USA should qualify basic eligibility factors which will allow him to study and adjust to the educational system in USA. Many students whose visa is rejected have a misconception that his application is rejected due to the counsel officer’s mood. Some students who are desperate to get a visa don’t leave the officer easily. They beg and pled and they will be very determined to convince the officer. These applicants do not affect the officers in anyway. These officers are professionally trained officers, who are trained to deal with such applicants. 

Counsel Officers reject a visa, only under legitimate aspects. There are two sections under which most of the F1 visa applications are rejected, they are Section 214(b) and Section 221(g).

Section 214(b) 

When the applicant is not able to justify his intentions of going to USA properly to the counsel officer then this section comes into act. The counselor should get convinced that the applicant has strong tie ups in his home country which will compel him to return back after the completion of his course. If the counselor doesn’t get convinced with this it means that he may settle in USA even after his course completion. Therefore it is necessary to be modest and truthful to the counselor when you are attending your interview.  

Section 221(g) 

Under this section when your application is rejected that means your documentation is not complete. If there is some vital documents missing in your file or if the counselor cannot obtain any information from your documents then your application is put under this section. Most of the F1 visa applications are rejected on these grounds. Therefore it is very important to maintain your documents in a proper way and present them to the officer.

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