What Are Reasons for USA B1 Visa Rejected

USA B1 Visa is the business visa which is issued to people who want to visit America for business commitments. There are many people who apply for this visa every year. America being one of the major hubs for industrialization companies all across the world would like to expand or promote their brand in America. USA B1 visa is necessary for clients like these. To enter America you need to apply for this visa form. Although it is not compulsory that you get the visa once you apply. 

Reasons For USA B1 Visa Rejection

The important articles which are necessary for you to carry with you when you are going for the visa interview are documents, passport and a clear intention of going to America. It is completely dependent upon the visa officer to accept you visa application. If your visa rejection can be under any of the following sections-

Section 214(b)

This section groups the people who have no intentions of coming back to their country. If you are rejected under this section means that the officer is not convinced of your intentions leaving the country after your business commitment. You need to provide proper proof that you have tie ups at your home town and you will be coming back as you have commitments or responsibilities which you need to take care of. If the officer is not convinced in this aspect then most probably he will not accept your application.

Section 221(b)

Applicants who are ineligible for the visa are grouped under this section. Many applicants do not provide proper documentation at the time of interview. This creates a doubt in the visa officer and will immediately reject your application. You need to be well prepared of your documents. If you have a document missing or do not provide sufficient documents then your visa approval is doubtful.

Section 212(a)(6)(C)

The applicant should be modest in giving his answers to the visa officer. If you are not truthful at any point then you are giving chance to the visa officer to prude more into the matter and you may be cornered. When the officer is not convinced with your answers then your visa will be rejected.  There for always provide information truthfully and do not try to mislead the officer. 
Visa application rejection is not at all dependent upon the mood of the visa officer. If you are thinking that your visa is rejected because his mood was not good then that is not true. They are trained professionals who have vast experience in dealing with such applications. You have to just worry about being confident and being truthful in your answers.

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