Read a Road Map Day 2017

This is one of the most bizarre holidays of all. However, in all its craziness, there is certain logic. Read a Road Map Day is observed on the 5th of April each year. Today, we use GPS to help us to find places. However, road maps were the essential tools of travelers in the yesteryears.

This day was created to honor the art of map reading and to give a sense of orientation to people to read road maps, understand them and generally get the feel of the road without interference by electronic gizmos.

Things to do on Read a Road Map Day

  • What you should basically do on this day is to take a trip by road. It would be preferable for you to take a trip in the back roads through remote territory. Pinpoint a location on your road map and try to reach it by following the map.

  • Even if you do not go on a trip, you can still have some fun with road maps. If you can collect a few road maps, you spend a few hours poring over the maps.

  • Try to get maps of different areas where you can study the names of places and perhaps look them up later to decide which ones are actually interesting enough to visit at a later date.

  • You could invite some friends over so that you can share your knowledge of places with each other. Better still, make it into a lunch and this will serve as an occasion to reconnect with friends who you have not seen for some time.


Read a Road Map Day 2017