Raul Castro Biography

Raul Castro Biography

Early Life and Education of Raul Castro

Raul Castro is a military officer and politician. Born on June 3, 1931, near Birán, Cuba, Raul has influence of his older brother Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader, all through his life. Raul was born to a Spanish landowner and brought up on his father's farm. He attended school for short period before being expelled. After dropping from school, Raul worked in his father's fields. In his young age, he joined a socialist political group and witnessed a conference for communist youth in Vienna, Austria, in 1935.

Rebellious Journey of Raul Castro

Raul has nearly always supported his brother's side. He assisted Fidel in his initial attempt to unseat Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. The two brothers were lodged in prison after an aborted attack on a military camp. They later escaped to Mexico to return to Cuba in 1956 to attempt once to overturn Batista. Over few following years, Raul helped his brother in several ways, encompassing by heading a group of guerrilla fighters. Ultimately, Batista left the country and Fidel took over. After the revolution, Raul headed the armed forces and released order of the execution of 100 Batista military officers.

Political Career of Raul Castro

In addition to handling Cuba's military, Raul Castro was deputed as deputy prime minister in 1962 and he also served as first deputy prime minister in 1972. He served as first vice president of council of the state and council of ministers. Raul is believed to be the world's longest serving defense minister. He now heads more than 45,000 soldiers and has broadened the military's reach into several aspects of the Cuban economy.

Future Country Leader

Fidel officially declared Raul as his successor in October 1997. In 2006, Fidel appointed Raul Castro the in charge of the Cuban government while undergoing surgery for gastrointestinal bleeding.

Raul is visualized by several as a Spartan military leader and has been acknowledged as being more revolutionary than Fidel. Many critics think that Raul is depleted of Fidel's charisma and that he will face trouble in maintaining political control once he takes over. Some people think, nonetheless, he may be more approachable to economic reform compared to his brother. The entire world is waiting to watch what Raul will come out to be once he steps out of his brother's shadow.

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