Ramadan Symbols

Though some people like to believe that there are no actual symbols in Islam, because it is no Pagan religion, but still we can’t deny the significance of some symbols that herald and ornate the month of Ramadan.

The Holy Quran - Tarawih or recitations of the holy verses of the Quran are held at the mosques every night. When you pass by one, and see all the Muslim people gathered there for listening to the holy verses, you can feel a strange spirituality in the atmoshphere.

The Color, Green - It is said that green used to be the favorite color of Prophet Muhammad and he was often seen wearing a green cloak and turban. Some people, on the other hand believe that it symbolizes vegetation, that is to say, the essence of life. However, the color green holds a special position in Islamic sentiments, no doubt about that. During the Ramadan days, the Muslim people like to decorate mosques, and even their houses too, with little green flags.

The Crescent Moon and the Star - The crescent moon and the star came to be widely associated with Islam only during the Ottoman Empire. There is a story that, Osman, the emperor, had a dream in which he had the vision of the crescent moon stretched from one end of the earth to the other. He took it as a pious sign, and kept it as the symbol of his dynasty. It holds its significance all the more during the Ramadan months.

Cannon - The cannon is fired just the sun goes down. It is to make the whole community know that they can start their Iftar after the day-long fast.

El Misaharaty - The El Misaharaty is the Ramadan drummer who beats his drum to make people wake up for their Suhoor. However, in modern cities, the tradition is almost dead.

Fanouz -  The Fanouz or the Ramadan Lantern is colorful lamp displaying beautiful artwork and is very popular among children even till date.

Calligraphy -Arabic calligraphy is a very significant part of Ramadan. Verses from the Koran are presented in various forms and styles.

Dates - The date palm is an important symbol because it is customary to break the fast with a date.

Food - Ramadan is a wonderful time for feasting as well. Traditional Nawabi dishes are cooked in every household, their aromas telling you that Eid is drawing near.

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