Ramadan Activities & Events

Ramadan is not only the time of spiritual revelation within oneself and succumbing to Allah for his mercy and forgiveness; it is also the time for organizing a few activities and events to sow the seed of religion and faith within the whole community, specially the children.

The elders can organize a lot of awareness activities and fun-filled events to make Ramadan all the more special.
Visit a library, grab a holiday craft book and try to incorporate some adapted activities to Ramadan.
But here are some activities you can otherwise start off with:

  • Organize Qur’an parties in the evenings where the significance of the Qur’an is dictated to all. Also, everyone, including the kids should be encouraged to read out parts of the Holy Book. A potluck can be arranged after that. This adds to a flavor of picnic to the whole spiritual and serious act.
  • Prayer rugs can be made for own self with a little effort and imagination.
  • You can make Ka'aba  cards or Eid cards to give out to friends & family
  • Make cookies in the shape of the crescent moon and the star.
  • Learn a song that reflects the essence of Islam; you can even try writing one by yourself
  • Let your kid make the map of Mecca. Assist him whenever he is confused.
  • Make some gifts yourself for giving out on the day of Eid to your near and dear ones
  • Go from house to house to collect donations for the poor. On the Eid day you can submit the whole money to a local NGO that works for their betterment. You can also organize an Eid feast for them.
  • Encourage your kid to make his/her own fanouz instead of going out for buying one.
  • You can also do a hajj presentation by enacting a kaaba model
  • Paint your favorite calligraphy, and decorate it with colors and glitter. It will be your favorite Ramadan keepsake long after Ramadan is over.
  • Organize an Eid Costume party for all the children in the locality.
  • Discuss the hadiths related to fasting. At the same time, also let your child know about the significance of fasting during Ramadan and other topics like, nutrition and digestion.

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